Where was Anatomy of a Scandal filmed?

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A new British psychological thriller series titled Anatomy of a Scandal releases tomorrow, April 15, on Netflix. It’s about to become a lot of people’s weekend binge show with just six relatively short episodes to watch!

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan, Anatomy of a Scandal boasts a talented cast of actors that includes Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Josette Simon, Rupert Friend and Naomi Scott. It’s a tense, courtroom drama perfect for anyone who likes legal thrillers and shows of that nature.

The first season revolves around a political sex scandal when Parliamentary minister James Whitehouse (Friend) is accused of rape by his former mistress and parliamentary researcher Oliva Lytton (Scott).

James vehemently denies that their final hookup was assault, while Olivia argues otherwise. Meanwhile, James’ wife Sophie (Miller) is stuck dealing not only with the revelation that her husband was having an affair, but that he might be capable of something even worse.

When you watch the show, you’ll notice the stunning and very English location. Find out where the series was filmed.

Anatomy of a Scandal filming locations

Because the show bounces back and forth between the present-day storyline taking place in Westminister and then a few of the characters during their years at Oxford University during the 1990s, Anatomy of a Scandal was filmed in a couple of different places.

Some parts of the series were filmed at the film and television studio Shepperton Studios in Shepperton, Surrey, England. Beyond that, the show was actually filmed in and around Oxford, including at some of the area’s colleges. If you recognize some of the Oxford architecture, that’s because the show was filmed on location in places like Radcliffe Square, Wadham, Brasenose Lane and New College Lane.

Oxford Mail shared several photos from passersby during production to showcase the filming throughout the area during that time. They also shared the following tweet, which shows a few photos of what the streets looked like while closed during filming.

Anatomy of a Scandal season 1 releases tomorrow, April 15 on Netflix.

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