Will Samuel be in Elite season 6? (Is Itzan Escamilla leaving Elite?)

Elite season 5 is now streaming! This season took fans on a wild rollercoaster ride from start to finish. The people who have already watched the fifth season in its entirety have begun to look forward to Elite season 6. With all that happened in season 5, it’s normal to wonder who will be returning in their respective roles for the sixth installment.

If you’re an avid watcher of Elite, you’d know that in each season, some main cast members do not return. Over the past seasons, we’ve seen the exit of Ester Expósito (Carla), Danna Paola (Lu), Mina El Hammani (Nadia), Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán), and Arón Piper (Ander). The only two original cast members left are Itzan Escamilla (Samuel) and Omar Ayuso (Omar).

But after the crazy events that happened in the season 5 finale, we might be bidding another original character adieu. Is Itzan Escamilla leaving Elite? We shared everything we know about Samuel’s fate below.

Spoilers ahead for Elite season 5!

Will Samuel be in Elite season 6?

It’s unclear at the moment. In the season 5 premiere, there’s a flash-forward to a scene later in the season of a man floating face down in a pool with blood surrounding him. In episode 4, the man is revealed to be Samuel. But we don’t find out how he got to that point until the season finale.

In the season finale, Samuel visits Benjamín to hear him out before he heads to the police station to turn in an incriminating SIM card containing Benjamín and Armando’s criminal dealings. The SIM card would prove that Benjamín had a motive to kill Armando and basically clear Samuel’s name. While conversing, Benjamín offers to support Samuel financially and help him get into a good school in exchange for the SIM card. Samuel refuses to hand over the SIM card and tries to leave.

Samuel and Benjamín begin tussling before Samuel slips, hits his head on the concrete, and falls into the family pool. At this moment, we’re led to believe that Samuel is dead. However, we find out he’s still alive when Patrick tries to hide his body behind a bush and he wakes up. Samuel gets up and tries to escape but falls to the ground because of his head injury.

While Rebe and Omar hold him, he goes in and out of consciousness until he closes his eyes for good. The police arrive after Mencía calls them, and they arrest Benjamín. However, it’s unclear if Samuel is really dead since we never see him in a body bag or buried. But based on Rebe and Omar’s reactions, it looks like Samuel might be dead.

Netflix has not announced the full Elite season 6 cast yet, so there’s a chance we could see Samuel return in the sixth season. If he does survive his injuries, this wouldn’t be surprising for a show like Elite. However, he could return in the sixth season in flashbacks if he does actually die. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Elite season 5 is available to stream only on Netflix.