The Ultimatum: Is The Lobbyist a real bar?

The Ultimatum is now streaming on Netflix and it’s what everyone is watching and talking about. Of course, we still have the season finale and reunion special coming on April 13, where we’ll find out if the remaining couples get engaged or not. And we can already tell that this season will go out with a bang!

In the first batch of episodes, we’re introduced to six couples who have reached a point where they must decide if they want to take the next big step in their relationships. While one person wants to settle down and have kids right away, the other person is not quite ready yet.

All six couples switch partners for three weeks before spending another three weeks with the person they came into the social experiment with. By the end of the experiment, the original couples have to decide if they want to get engaged or break up forever.

So where is The Ultimatum filmed? Can you visit the filming locations in real life? Below, we shared where the reality series was filmed and more.

Where is The Ultimatum filmed?

The Ultimatum was filmed in Austin, Texas. More specifically, the Austin Marriott Downtown. The Austin Marriott Downtown is a four-star hotel with over 600 guest rooms and all the amenities that a guest could possibly want. One of the property amenities that we see the participants using is the pool. According to Decider, the poolside scenes were filmed at the Zanzibar, a rooftop terrace bar located at the Austin Marriott. There are also some scenes shot at a bar called The Lobbyist.

Here’s a photo of the Austin Marriott Downtown via Instagram

This photo probably looks very familiar to you because this is where most of the first episode is shot. This is where we see the participants getting to know each other.

Is The Lobbyist a real bar?

Yes. The Lobbyist is located within the Austin Marriott. It’s a two-story bar and lounge where guests can enjoy cocktails, good food, and excellent customer service. We see the cast hang out for most of the group gatherings at this bar.

So if you want to see where The Ultimatum cast stayed for the social experiment, take a trip to the Austin Marriott Downtown.

The Ultimatum is streaming now only on Netflix!