Did Elite season 5 just kill off this major character? (Spoilers)

One of Netflix’s most dramatic shows has returned for a fifth season, and fans are in for a really intense binge session with this one! Elite season 5 picks up where season 4 left off after Armando’s (Andrés Velencoso) death, and as you’d expect, there’s a new mystery waiting to be solved. The premiere episode teases potentially another death to come, and viewers will be shocked to find out who it is.

It doesn’t take long for flash-forwards to show who the man face down in the pool is, seemingly dead with blood gushing from his head. But of course, with a show like Elite, we never know what the truth is until the very end. And in the case of Elite season 5, there are still so many questions after the finale. If you’re here to find out who the person lying face down in the pool is and whether or not they died, we’re here to break it all down!

Spoilers ahead for Elite season 5.

By the end of episode 4, we discover that it’s Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) who’s lying face down bleeding in the pool. As a fan of the show, the only proper reaction to this is to freak out, as Samuel has been the main character of the Spanish-language drama since season 1. It would be shocking for the show to kill him off, but of course anything can happen for these Las Encinas students.

The mystery only grows after we see Samu in the pool, and it’s impossible not to binge the rest of the episodes after that. How does he get to that point? Well, it’s all because Samu has an incriminating SIM card that proves Benjamín (Diego Martín) had been working with Armando. Mencía (Martina Cariddi) was the one to find it, and then Rebeka (Claudia Salas) tells Samu about it in the penultimate episode.

In the finale, Benjamín confronts Samu outside his home and fights to get the SIM card back. During their physical struggle, Samu falls into the pool — but hits his head on the concrete on the way. Blood can be seen in the water as Samu’s backpack, holding the card, falls to the bottom of the pool. Benjamín is shocked at what just happened and it doesn’t take long for someone else to see.

Does Samuel die in Elite season 5? Ending explained

Although Samu definitely hits his head hard on the concrete — hard enough to start bleeding and become unconscious — there might be a chance that he survives. After Patrick discovers his body, Arí (Carla Díaz), Rebe, Omar (Omar Ayuso), and others arrive at the house and are in shock. But before they start fighting, Samu gets up and starts walking away. However, he then falls to the ground and is unconscious again. It’s not certain whether or not he’s actually dead.

At the end of Elite season 5, the police arrive and take Benjamín into custody. The friends are understandably heartbroken over what happened, as it seems like they assume Samu is dead.

It certainly seems like Samu is dead, though we don’t have confirmation just yet. We wouldn’t put it past a dramatic show like this one to include a fake-out death. Elite season 6 will either include Samu recovering, or his friends attending his funeral. We’ll be so upset if he’s really gone, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Elite season 6 does not yet have a release date, but you can stream all eight new episodes of Elite season 5 on Netflix right now!