Bridgerton season 2: Shelley Conn age, height, Instagram, husband, roles, and more

Bridgerton. Shelley Conn as Mary Sharma in episode 201 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022
Bridgerton. Shelley Conn as Mary Sharma in episode 201 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022 /

Bridgerton season 2 was everything we could ever ask for and so, so much more. In addition to the juicy drama that had our eyes glued to the screens, we have the talented cast of the show to thank for the acclaim of this sophomore season. We were joined by many new actresses and actors this season. Charithra Chandran and Calam Lynch, to name a few. However, admittedly, Shelley Conn who plays Lady Mary Sharma in season 2 quickly became our favorite because of her charm, her beauty, and, of course, her talent.

If you love this English actress as much as we do, then you’re definitely going to want to know more about her. Find out her age, height, and many more facts here.

Shelley Conn age

Shelley Conn was born in London Borough of Barnet, United Kingdom on September 21, 1976, which makes this actress 45 years old and a Virgo.

Shelley Conn height

Shelley has black hair, dark brown eyes, and currently stands at approximately 5-feet-5-inches—a couple of inches shorter than her on-screen daughter, Simone Ashley.

Shelley Conn Instagram

Though her Instagram is still in the beginning stages, fans are still loving all the content she’s releasing nonetheless, especially because her current photos are from Bridgerton.

“Desperately trying to remember what we’re both looking at?!”, Shelley wrote in the caption.

Perhaps we’ll receive a couple more behind-the-scenes photos in the future, or maybe we’ll get some videos of our favorite Bridgerton dog. (Fingers crossed!) Be sure to follow Shelley’s Instagram along with her Twitter to avoid missing out on never-before-seen content.

Shelley Conn husband

Shelley Conn is currently wedded to English actor Jonathan Kerrigan. The two married in 2011 and have one son named Oscar Kerrigan.

Shelley Conn roles

Bridgerton‘s probably not the only title where you’ll see Shelly marvel on the screen as this accomplished actress has well over 50 titles under her belt.

Her most well-known titles include (but are definitely not limited to) MistressesLiar, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Netflix’s The Irregulars. However, she’s going to gain even more prominence in the upcoming second season of Good Omens where she’s set to be a recurring star alongside Jon Hamm and Quelin Sepulveda.

We’ll have to wait a little longer to see what else Shelley Conn has on the way. Until then, be sure to catch her in every episode of Bridgerton season 2 streaming right now only on Netflix.

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