Is Netflix’s Trivia Quest the new Wordle? Everything to know about the new interactive series

Trivia Quest - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Trivia Quest - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Tired of playing Wordle? Well, Netflix has the perfect fix for you!

Starting April 1, Netflix is releasing Trivia Quest, an interactive game that you can play every single day throughout the month. Each new day, the game will require you to answer 24 questions. Half of those questions will be easy, while the other half will be trickier depending on your level of knowledge. Upon answering them all correctly, you will help Willy get one step closer to defeating Rocky, the evil-doer who kidnapped all of Willy’s friends.

See the official trailer for Trivia Quest below.

What kind of questions will Trivia Quest ask?

According to Netflix Media CenterTrivia Quest will ask questions in science, history, entertainment, sports, art, and geography. Each question will have a total of four answers. Only one of those answers will be the correct choice.

Currently, it is not known if the daily questions will differ per Netflix account. However, there is a fair chance the game will take after the popular daily game Wordle, meaning it will be the same questions no matter the account.

We’ll update you once this question is confirmed. Until then, read on to know the answer to one of the most-asked questions regarding Trivia Quest.

Is Trivia Quest copying Wordle?

Needless to say, with daily games like Wordle growing in popularity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that other entertainment sites also want to join in on the fun. Even still, it is very likely that Netflix did not rip off Wordle with its upcoming Trivia Quest launch. In fact, the latter was around much earlier than the other.

Trivia Crack, the mobile game Netflix’s new interactive game is based on, has actually been around since October 2013. Since its release, the game seldom left Apple’s trending games list, hence why many are very excited to know there will be a new way to play its favorite game.

What’s more, Trivia Quest isn’t Netflix’s first go at interactive games. Minecraft: Story ModeBoss Baby: Get That Baby!, and Captain Underpants Epic Choice-o-Rama are just a few of the many previously released games on the streaming service. So, it goes without saying there’s no one is copying anyone.

All in all, Trivia Quest looks to be something that’ll get everyone excited to wake up in the morning. Be sure to get your brains up and ready on Friday, April 1 when the daily interactive game officially releases only on Netflix.

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