Women in horror: 17 powerful women in Netflix horror shows and films

The Haunting of Hill House - Steve Dietl/Netflix
The Haunting of Hill House - Steve Dietl/Netflix /
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Cam – Courtesy of Netflix /

Women in horror: Alice from Cam

Cam is one of my favorite Netflix horror movies, and Madeline Brewer is excellent in the lead role of Alice, a camgirl who works under the name of Lola_Lola online. Alice is obsessed with her website ranking and trying to get to the top of the list, but one day she finds that she is locked out of her account and someone who looks exactly like her has taken over.

The movie becomes a twisted cat-and-mouse game as Alice tries to track down her doppelganger and gets taken down a dark rabbit hole. But in the end, she manages to outsmart the fake “Lola” and regain access to her account by breaking her own nose during a game and outsmarting the duplicate. It doesn’t get much stronger than that!

women in horror
CHAMBERS – Cr. Ursula Coyote/Netflix /

Women in horror: Sasha Yazzie from Chambers

Chambers is a weird and twisted Netflix horror series that was sadly canceled after just one season. Actress Sivan Alyra Rose was actually the first Native American female lead on a Netflix Original series. Sasha Yazzie’s character receives a heart transplant and finds herself haunted by terrifying visions afterward.

We find out that Sasha received her heart from a girl named Becky, and she starts to realize that something terrible happened to Becky with the visions helping Sasha uncover the mystery. Things get super dark and crazy at the end, with Becky coming into contact with the ultimate demon Lilith as Sasha becomes a vessel for the being. It’s pretty awesome and also super scary.