What is Soil on Netflix about?

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Soil - Cr. Netflix /

The newly-released Netflix series Soil is one that you should add to your watchlist if you’re looking for something to view over the weekend.

At first glance, the series resembles shows like Ozark or How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). However, upon further inspection, you’ll quickly realize that this show is quite unique, especially once you learn which peculiar business these characters somehow found themselves in.

If you’re already intrigued, then we certainly implore you to check out the title on Netflix. But, before you do that, read on to learn everything there is to know about Soil.

Netflix series Soil synopsis

Soil tells the story of a young man named Ismael who decides to make a business selling pure Moroccan soil to families who would like their loved ones to be buried in the valuable soil. Initially, his bright idea brought him tons of success, but he quickly realizes why he shouldn’t mess with the dead.

The official synopsis courtesy of Netflix:

"When a Muslim passes away in Belgium, he burdens his relatives with a delicate dilemma. “Do we bury him here or in his native country?” Ismael has found a solution: “What if we were to import soil from Morocco into Belgium to bury our deceased here. Let’s start a soil business!” Without realising it, they open Pandora’s ‘coffin’."

Netflix series Soil cast

In addition to the synopsis, the cast for Soil features:

  • Ward Kerremans as Jean-Baptiste
  • Ben Hamidou as Omar Boulasmoum
  • Ahlaam Teghadouini as Nadia Boulasmoum
  • Said Boumazoughe as Rachid
  • Charlotte De Bruyne as Alizee
  • Tom Vermeir as Brahim Le Soumis
  • Mourade Zeguendi as Imam
  • Reinhilde Decleir as Rozanne
  • Barbara Sarafian as Marilou

Lastly, Lost Luggage actor Yassine Ouaich plays the lead role of Ismael Boulasmoum in the new series. See Ouaich and the rest of the cast in the trailer, below.

There are currently 8 episodes in the first season. Each episode is under an hour in duration and has a TV-MA age rating.

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to see it all for yourself. Head on over to Netflix to begin your binge-watch of Soil and stay tuned for any season 2 updates once or if they are announced.

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