Best PG-rated movies on Netflix that won’t drive parents up a wall

VIVO - (L-R) Ynairaly Simo as Gabi and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo. ©2021 SPAI. All Rights Reserved.
VIVO - (L-R) Ynairaly Simo as Gabi and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo. ©2021 SPAI. All Rights Reserved. /

Spending time watching Netflix movies with the kids is always a rewarding activity. You get to make great memories, learn more about one another’s likes and dislikes, and best of all, you get to view all sorts of great titles, all of which have the potential to become your family’s go-to movie. Today, Netflix has tons of extraordinary PG-rated Netflix movies for the entire family to enjoy.

Some may not be to the kids’ liking but have super powerful messages that move your heart, while some are perfect for the kids but will drive you up a wall. (Don’t worry, parents. We’ve been there.) If you’ve struggled with picking a movie because you often find yourself torn between the extremes, we’ve got your back.

Best PG-rated Netflix movies parents can enjoy

To make your family movie night much easier for the next couple of weeks, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the best PG-rated Netflix movies perfect for both kids and parents. All of these titles have dynamic protagonists, tell a riveting story, and are, simply put, masterpieces.

Without further ado, here are the PG-rated Netflix movies parents can enjoy, too.


First on the list of great PG-rated Netflix movies is the 2018 anime film, Mirai.

Mirai tells the story about a young boy named Kun who is struggling to cope with the arrival of his newborn baby sister as he’s grown used to being his parent’s one-and-only. Stuck in his ways, Kun refuses to see eye-to-eye with his baby sister and becomes quite a lot to handle. But, this changes once his house magically brings forth stories of all who have lived in it as a way to teach him to be more appreciative of the life he has.

Stories from people such as his late grandfather and his baby sister from the future mold Kun into becoming not just a better big brother but a better person who uses his words, thinks before he acts and treats everyone and everything with kindness.

Mirai is certainly a great watch for kids in that it teaches them to go easy on parents, but it is also a pretty amazing title for all you parents out there as it teaches you the creative ways in which you can show your younger ones support.

Over the Moon

Over the Moon is yet another one of the great PG-rated Netflix movies available.

The 2020 film is full of adventure and magic as it journeys the life of Fei Fei, a girl with big dreams, to send a rocket ship to the moon and prove the existence of a goddess who is said to reside there, waiting for her true love.

Through trial and error, Fei Fei does everything in her power to invent a ship capable of pulling off such an amazing feat. However, it is through faith she’s able to see her dreams come true.

For the kids, Over the Moon teaches them how to be in tune with their adventure-seeking side. It also teaches them that they can do anything they put their mind to. For parents, the film will be a perfect reminder that you don’t have to let your passions from childhood wither away once you get older. After all, dreams have no expiration date.

Best Netflix movies 2021 - The Mitchells vs. The Machines 2
THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES – (L-R) Abbi Jacobson as “Katie Mitchell”, Maya Rudolph as “Linda Mitchell”, Danny McBride as “Rick Mitchell”, Doug the Pug as “Monchi”, Mike Rianda as “Aaron Mitchell”, Fred Armisen as “Deborahbot 5000” and Beck Bennett as “Eric”. Cr: ©2021 SPAI. All Rights Reserved. /

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

When The Mitchells vs. The Machines first arrived on Netflix, it’s safe to say parents were floored by this marvelous movie.

The movie has everything that anyone could ever ask for. Stunning visuals, a pretty neat story, and characters everyone in the family can relate to. But, what people appreciated most about the movie was its many powerful messages.

From teaching us about the unbreakable bond that comes with family to reminding us that growing up can be scary sometimes, The Mitchells vs. The Machines didn’t hesitate to educate us on many crucial life lessons. Admittedly, our favorite message this film taught us was that it’s okay to let our loved ones know how we truly feel, even if some of those emotions aren’t necessarily the easiest to convey. Somehow, someway, you’ll meet in the middle.

Katie and her father Rick would often butt heads about their respective outlooks on life, but through understanding, they got to learn so much more about one another than they ever could have imagined. Hopefully, this is a message you and your family hold dear to your hearts, too.


Last but certainly not least is one of our favorite Lin-Manuel Miranda titles—Vivo.

This heartfelt masterpiece highlights the true power of love as it tells the story of a man who uses music as his last opportunity to tell the love of his life how he felt all these years.

Vivo and his new friend Gabi embark on a journey to deliver this special song to that special person. They encounter many great tribulations along the way. Some threaten their new friendship while some almost put their goal in jeopardy. Even still, with love leading them forward, there’s nothing they can’t do.

To this day, Vivo serves as a gentle reminder to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them, to hold them tight and never let them go. We hope this reminder also serves you well.

And there you have it! Four amazing Netflix titles for just right for parents and kids. All that’s left to do now is head on over to Netflix and get your family movie night started.

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