Did Uhtred kill Brida on The Last Kingdom season 5?

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Brida was out for revenge on The Last Kingdom season 5. She went after Uhtred’s children. Did that lead to Uhtred killing Brida?

Uhtred and Brida have been on one hell of a journey from the start of The Last Kingdom. They started off as lovers and ended up as enemies. Yet, both had the same history. They were both Saxons raised as Danes. They just chose different paths when it came to Alfred’s offers early in the series.

At the end of The Last Kingdom season 4, Brida made it clear. She would be out for revenge. It just took her some time to do that. She gave birth to Cnut’s child at the very end of the season, and at the start of season 5, we find out that she headed to Iceland and built her following of Danes.

Once her daughter was older, Brida headed back to England to seek her revenge against Uhtred. That meant going after his children.

Uhtred and Brida fight in The Last Kingdom season 5

When Uhtred realized that Brida was after his children, he went north to save Stiorra. That led to a battle at Eoferwic, which saw the death of Brida’s daughter, Vibeke.

Uhtred chose not to take advantage of Brida’s grief. He allowed Brida to leave, but eventually, he would need to go after her. Brida wouldn’t stop, and so, Uhtred and Brida ended up facing off against each other at Loidis. It would end where it all began.

Of course, Uhtred was the better fighter. He overpowered her, but in the end, he couldn’t kill her. Flashes of memories stopped him dealing the final blow, and he made it clear that he couldn’t kill her. He wanted to help her work her way out of her grief. They loved each other once.

Brida accepted that. Just as the two started to reconnect, Brida was shot with an arrow through the chest from the back. Stiorra killed her out of revenge after everything that went down with Sigtryggr.

Brida’s last words were “Ragnar,” suggesting that she’s heading to Valhalla to be with Ragnar finally.

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