What happened to Osferth on The Last Kingdom season 5?

The Last Kingdom season 5
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Being the final season, we knew The Last Kingdom season 5 could bring some heartbreaking moments. What happened to Osferth, better known as Baby Monk?

Final seasons of all TV shows end up bringing us some heartbreaking moments. We know that not all characters are able to survive. And The Last Kingdom is one of those shows that hasn’t been afraid to kill off characters. It’s not been afraid of remaining realistic.

That doesn’t mean we want characters to die. However, we just know that deaths have to happen, and The Last Kingdom season 5 brought us a heartbreaking death in the form of Osferth’s.

Baby Monk died on The Last Kingdom season 5

Aethelhelm made an attack on Christians looks like an attack by Danes. That led to Aethelhelm’s men going to Uhtred’s village while Uhtred wasn’t there. The men claimed that the village was housing the Danes who had attacked the Christians, slaughtering numerous Danes living in the village.

Finan, Osferth, and others attempted to protect as many people as possible. As Finan’s wife rode to the docks to raise an alarm, she was attacked. Finan found himself having to choose between helping Osferth take on two men or saving his wife. He chose his wife, which led to Osferth being stabbed.

With Aethelhelm’s men gone, Finan rushed over to a dying Osferth. Osferth was understandably terrified of dying, but it all happened in Finan’s arms.

Finan took the death hard, even blaming himself for it. If he hadn’t have chosen his wife, Osferth would still be alive. Of course, the opposite could have been said for his wife. When sharing some of the details with Uhtred, Uhtred very quickly made it clear that the death wasn’t on Finan’s hands. Osferth’s death was on Aethelhelm’s hands.

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