What happened to Vibeke on The Last Kingdom season 5?

The Last Kingdom season 5
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Brida’s daughter, Vibeke, was introduced in The Last Kingdom season 5 premiere. Would she make it to the end of the season?

Thanks to breaking the curse, Brida was able to give birth to her and Cnut’s child at the end of The Last Kingdom season 4. We picked up around seven or eight years later at least in season 5, with Brida and her daughter Vibeke now in Iceland.

Brida had grown a following of Danes, and she’d made Vibeke her seer. Vibeke chose people to sacrifice to the gods to see when it was the right time to travel to England to seek revenge against Uhtred.

This all led to the battle at Eoefic, where Brida went after Stiorra to get her revenge. Uhtred managed to get into the city with his men, and this was where it all went wrong for Vibeke.

Vibeke died in The Last Kingdom season 5

Brida saw Vibeke walking around in the middle of the battle. She quickly ran to her daughter and told her to hide. Uhtred saw all this, especially as Vibeke climbed up one of the towers. All this had been foreshadowed in Vibeke’s introduction in The Last Kingdom season 5. We watched as Vibeke climbed up some crumbling stones and slipped a little.

Brida and Uhtred both went for Vibeke from different sides. Had Vibeke gone to Uhtred, she would have survived. Uhtred wanted Vibeke to come down the way she climbed up, which would have been quickly into Uhtred’s arms.

Instead, Uhtred trusted her mother. Brida asked for Vibeke to jump, promising to catch her, promising the gods would protect her. Vibeke jumped, but she didn’t jump far enough. Brida didn’t manage to catch her and Vibeke hit the ground below, dying from the fall.

It would further Brida’s path of revenge as she tried to make sense of everything that had happened around her.

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