Is Vikings: Valhalla a prequel or sequel to Vikings?

Vikings: Valhalla. Leo Suter as Harald in episode 101 of Vikings: Valhalla. Cr. Bernard Walsh/Netflix © 2021
Vikings: Valhalla. Leo Suter as Harald in episode 101 of Vikings: Valhalla. Cr. Bernard Walsh/Netflix © 2021 /

Netflix’s historical drama Vikings: Valhalla is a fantastic series, but is it a sequel or prequel to Vikings?

Vikings: Valhalla has become a powerhouse for the streamer right out of the gate, and the chart-topping sensation is poised to keep entertaining Netflix subscribers as two more seasons were confirmed to be on the way on March 9, 2022. The historical action-adventure drama has also attained an impressive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, only further solidifying its reign of dominance over the competition.

The series starring Sam Corlett, Leo Suter, and Frida Gustavsson, among serval other talented individuals, is packed to the brim with intense action, gripping storylines, and fascinating character arcs. If subscribers loved their experience with its predecessor Vikings, they will not want to miss a second of what Vikings: Valhalla has to offer.

But one question that remains on many fans’ minds after watching the well-crafted first run is whether or not Vikings: Valhalla is a continuation of the hit scripted series from the History Channel or if it takes place before Ragnar Lothbrok’s small screen story began? Keep reading to find out that and more!

Is Vikings: Valhalla a prequel to Vikings?

A lot of people probably suspected that Vikings: Valhalla would be a prequel when they first heard the news. Origin stories appear to be all the rage these days, and prequels are popular with mainstream audiences.

Also, big hits tend to get the prequel treatment more often than not. But they would be incorrect because the spin-off of Vikings does not take place before the events of the History Channel series, nor does it really dwell on any of that program’s major players.

Is Vikings: Valhalla a sequel to Vikings?

The show is technically not a sequel to the History Channel series. It is, as mentioned before, a spin-off with fresh new storylines that focus on Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Hardrada, and King William the Conqueror.

However, the events that take place in Vikings: Valhalla do occur after the original series. The Netflix series showcases what went down 100 years after the final credits rolled on the History Channel show’s series finale.

So the spin-off series Vikings: Valhalla is neither a sequel nor a prequel, but everyone that has seen the popular show can agree it’s a must-watch affair from start to finish. For more updates and news about the Netflix series, make sure to keep following Netflix Life!

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