The Last Kingdom season 5 age rating: Is the series suitable for kids?

The Last Kingdom season 5
The Last Kingdom season 5 /

The Last Kingdom season 5 is here, and there’s no doubt you’re ready to binge-watch it. Can you do it with the children around? Is it worth waiting for them to go to bed?

Uhtred is facing his final enemy. Sort of. While The Last Kingdom season 5 is the last of the series, there is a movie coming and we know that Uhtred is a big part of it. That suggests there’s still a big enemy to face.

However, Uhtred’s enemy is a little more personal this time. It’s Brida, who is out for revenge after everything that Uhtred has done.

You’ll want to jump straight into the 10 episodes now available to watch. The question is whether you’ll need to wait for the kids to go to bed. Is The Last Kingdom suitable for children?

The Last Kingdom season 5 age rating

We’re going to look at the official age rating for the series to get an idea. This show is rated TV-MA, which is the same as a movie being rated R. It means it’s not aimed at children, and really, those under 18 shouldn’t watch.

There is a lot of violence in the series. We have to remember that it’s set during the time of the Vikings, and that means a lot of battles and bloodshed. There is also some nudity, although there probably won’t be the need for more baptism scenes for Uhtred this season.

In the end, though, it really is going to depend on you. Is this a show that you’d be happy your children watching? If older children have read the books, they’re going to want to see the TV show adaptation. Older teens may find it interesting and not be too put off by the violence and the swearing. Only you can make that decision for your children.

The Last Kingdom season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.

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