Pretty Smart season 2 is not coming to Netflix in March 2022

The wait for Pretty Smart season 2 continues!

Netflix’s most underrated show of 2021 is not returning to the streamer in March 2022. We know, we’re disappointed, too! But are we surprised? Unfortunately, not so much.

Netflix’s addictive and emotive sitcom Pretty Smart, starring former Disney star Emily Osmentwas a hit with some viewers when it debuted back in October 2021. This is unsurprising considering the first season’s wholesome storyline, relatable characters, hilarious skits, and the shocking cliff-hanger ending. So naturally, many are wondering what the future holds for the comedic show and whether a Pretty Smart season 2 will be released on the streamer anytime soon.

Below we’ve got all the latest news and updates on the sitcom.

Is Pretty Smart season 2 happening?

Currently, there’s actually no release date for the second installment and that’s because Pretty Smart season 2 hasn’t officially been green-lit by Netflix. As of early March 2022, the sitcom hasn’t been renewed but it hasn’t been canceled either, giving us the hope that Netflix will choose to continue with the lighthearted series.

After all, it’s not uncommon for Netflix to let fans marinate a few months over a show before announcing whether another season will follow. It’s also not uncommon for Netflix to renew a series quietly before making a big announcement later on.

With season 1 beginning production in April, many social media users seemed hopeful that the sitcom would pick up production for season 2 about a year later, however, for the moment there is no official news to support this.

If Pretty Smart season 2 were to be green-lit by the streamer soon and production was to start immediately after, we could potentially see the sitcom return to our screens at the earliest in the fall, maybe even in October 2022, around the same time season 1 was released. However, this is just a prediction and is fully dependent on whether or not Netflix will choose to carry on with the series in the first place.

But fingers crossed that Pretty Smart does return, and soon!