5 good Netflix shows and movies to watch this week: The Last Kingdom and more


There are a lot of great Netflix shows and movies dropping throughout the week. Cut out the overwhelm with these five top picks this week.

We have a big week when it comes to new content on Netflix. There are so many excellent releases, whether you’re looking for new Netflix Originals or you’re excited about content released last year or the year before finally hitting the streaming platform.

There are some releases that don’t get a mention on this list worth having if you run out of other content. Last One Standing Japan is releasing its first season, and we can’t overlook Life and Death with Tyler Henry for those who want a reality series with some heart.

This list of five releases of Netflix shows and movies to watch is in release date order. There is no way we can compare these genres.

5 must-watch Netflix shows and movies this week

Good Girls Season 4

We start with the fourth and final season of on of the best female dramedies to make it to broadcast TV in recent years. It’s all about Good Girls Season 4.

The fourth season picks up off the back of the third season. The women need to work with the Secret Service, but that doesn’t mean they want to stop their own operations. How can they get out of the mess they got started in, and what trouble is Rio going to cause for them this time?

We’re still salty that the show has been canceled. All it needed was a final season to wrap a few things up, but that’s sadly not meant to be.

Watch the full fourth season on Monday, March 7.

The Bombardment

There have been many Netflix shows and movies set during World War II recently. The latest one is a Danish drama, set after the events of the bombing of a school in Copenhagen.

This wasn’t even a target. The bombs dropped accidentally on the school, filled with children at the time. Naturally, it set off shockwaves around the city, with residents scrambling to save those trapped inside.

Watch The Bombardment on Wednesday, March 9.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

We’re heading further into the past with the next release. It’s time for the fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom. The good news is there is a movie coming, which is currently being filmed, so we can go into this season not worrying too much about whether all storylines are wrapped up.

There’s a lot to cover this season. We have Brida who is out for revenge against Uhtred and his family (can we find out about that third child?), and we need to see what Edward will do with the latest threat. Then there’s the fight for Bebbenburg again.

Watch all episodes of the season on Wednesday, March 9.

The Adam Project

Need a comedy? Ryan Reynolds stars in The Adam Project, which hails from Stranger Things‘ Shawn Levy.

The movie follows Adam, who lands in the past by accident. He needs to fix his machine and get back to his own time, all the while trying to fix his own time from the events that are going to happen. What better thing to do than team up with his 12-year-old self?

Watch on Friday, March 11


Finally, it’s all about one of the biggest releases in theaters back in 2017. We’re heading back to World War II again for Dunkirk.

You know a little about the Dunkirk landings. We’ve seen them portrayed in a variety of movies. However, what do you really know about the lead-up to the event? What happened as the Allied soldiers found themselves trapped? That’s what we get to see play out during this Christopher Nolan movie.

Watch Dunkirk on Saturday, March 12.

Which Netflix shows and movies are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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