5 good Netflix movies to watch this weekend: Against the Ice and more

Against the Ice. Nikolaj Coster Waldau as Ejnar Mikkelsen in Against the Ice. Cr. Lilja Jonsdottir/Netflix © 2022.
Against the Ice. Nikolaj Coster Waldau as Ejnar Mikkelsen in Against the Ice. Cr. Lilja Jonsdottir/Netflix © 2022. /

The first weekend of the month is always exciting as there’s plenty of content. Which Netflix movies are worth watching this weekend?

There are certainly some great TV shows to check out from this week. Pieces of Her will be one of the biggest releases viewers are checking out, but what about once you’ve binged it? You’ll have time for some movies here and there.

You may not even want to watch eight to 10 hours of content throughout the weekend. If you’ve only got time for Netflix movies, you’ll want to work your way through the long list of arrives on March 1.

What can you watch? This list of five great movies is listed in alphabetical order because it’s just impossible to compare the various genres.

5 must-watch Netflix movies to watch this weekend

A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you’re looking for a good horror movie, you need to turn to the 1984 movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. This is the original, the one that started the genre that involved the killer with knives for fingers. You’ll never want to fall asleep again.

Freddy Krueger is out for revenge. Being dead, he can only attack people in the world of their dreams. Once they die in their dreams, they die in real life.

The reboot movie has also come to Netflix this week. It’s not a great reboot, but it’s there if you want to see how the story was retold.

Against the Ice

Ready for more Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in your life? Of course you are. After his portrayal of Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones, there’s no way you can get enough of him. In Against the Ice, he takes on a vastly different role.

The thriller sees him as one of two men heading out on a Danish expedition. The aim is to disprove the U.S.’s claim on Greenland, but they end up getting far more than they initially bargained for.

Charles Dance also stars in the movie, just in case you needed another reason to check it out.

My Wonderful Life

The next of the Netflix movies is one of the last release in February 2022—yes, that was only on Monday! My Wonderful Life is a Polish rom-com that focuses on a woman who receives a blackmail note.

What’s the big deal? This woman is having an affair, and the blackmail note threatens to reveal it all. It sparks a huge chain of events for the entire family.


If you need something for the children, there is only one movie that stands out. Mike Myers voices the giant green ogre Shrek in this movie. The second movie is also now on Netflix to continue the story.

Shrek follows the ogre who is tasked by a lord to save a princess from a tower. That princess is Fiona, who has a secret of her own. We’re taken on an epic adventure that includes a donkey, a dragon, and true love’s kiss.

The Weekend Away

Gossip Girl fans will want to turn to the big Netflix Original Movie that dropped toward the end of the week. The Weekend Away starring Leighton Meester is a must-watch. Sure, it’s received some negative reviews from critics, but Meester fans are sure to enjoy it.

Meester plays Beth, who heads on a vacation with her boyfriend to Croatia. Things don’t quite go as expected, and Beth will find herself in a fight for her life.

Which Netflix movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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