Who narrates Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale on Netflix?

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale is now streaming on Netflix, and people can’t help but wonder about whose soothing voice is narrating the wildlife drama. Get ready to be completely shocked because the narrator is a person many of us dubbed as the king of smoldering looks.

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale is a documentary film that explores the different wildlife inhabitants living in the Kalahari Desert’s Okavango Delta. The animals must band together to survive as the Kalahari Desert faces a worsening dry season.

Netflix has tons of nature and ecology documentaries on its platform, but you’ve probably already burned through them. So if you haven’t gotten around to watching Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale now is your time to do so. But after you’re done watching it, make sure to come back to find out the mystery person who features as the voice of the documentary.

Without further ado, here’s the narrator of Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale right below.

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale narrator

The narrator is none other than Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page. He might not be returning to Bridgerton, but he’s still booked and busy. In fact, this isn’t Regé-Jean Page first narrating gig. He recently lent his voice to the Calm app, an audio meditation service. He narrated a 32-minute story titled “The Prince and the Naturalist” by author Victoria Gosling.

He has the perfect voice to be a narrator, and you can’t help but listen when he speaks. Hopefully, he takes on more narrating gigs in the near future. We’ll definitely be listening!

Take a look at the official trailer for the wildlife drama to hear Regé-Jean Page’s soothing and captivating voice.

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale is streaming right now only on Netflix. Also, stay tuned to Netflix Life for more nature and ecology documentaries recommendations!

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