Who dies in The Weekend Away? (Spoilers)

The Weekend Away. (L to R) Marko Braić as Luka, Ziad Bakri as Zain, Leighton Meester as Beth in The Weekend Away. Cr. Ivan Sardi/Netflix ©2022
The Weekend Away. (L to R) Marko Braić as Luka, Ziad Bakri as Zain, Leighton Meester as Beth in The Weekend Away. Cr. Ivan Sardi/Netflix ©2022 /

The Weekend Away is now streaming on Netflix! The thriller film starring Leighton Meester put viewers on a rollercoaster ride with several twists and turns from the beginning to the end. Surprisingly, not many people died in the movie. But the way everything went down was shocking, to say the least.

The Weekend Away tells the story of two best friends (Beth and Kate), who travel to Croatia for a weekend getaway. But when Kate goes missing and is later found dead, Beth must clear her name while trying to find Kate’s killer. The deeper Beth involves herself in solving the crime, the more complicated things become. Painful secrets are uncovered, and Beth starts to question those around her.

If you’re looking for some clarity on who died in the new Netflix movie, we’ve got you covered! Below, we shared all the character deaths in The Weekend Away.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Weekend Away.

Who died in The Weekend Away?


The million-dollar question that everyone wants the answer to is “Who killed Kate?” We watched Beth go on a mission to find out who killed her best friend, and at the very end of the film, it’s revealed that the killer is actually Beth’s husband, Rob.

After the case is seemingly closed on Kate’s death with Pavic being the accused murderer, Beth travels back to London to let her daughter (Aster) spend time with Rob. While dropping Aster off, Rob tries to win Beth back, but Beth rejects his advances. Instead, she tells Rob that he still has her spare car keys. Rob tells Beth to check the bowl in the hallway or his jacket for the keys. While going through Rob’s jacket, Beth finds a black bead that was a part of Kate’s necklace. Then, Beth starts putting the pieces together and realizes that Rob killed Kate.

Beth goes to the restroom and has a slight panic attack before calling Kovac. However, as soon as Beth is about to tell Kovac that Rob killed Kate, Rob knocks on the restroom door and Beth seemingly hangs up the phone. Initially, Beth wanted to drop Aster off and leave, but after finding out that Rob is the killer, she decided to take up his offer for a cup of tea.

While sitting down at the dining table, Beth accuses Rob of killing Kate. At first, Rob denies it before Beth shows Rob the bead she found in his jacket. Rob then tells Beth that Kate’s death was an accident. He said that Kate was threatening to tell Beth about the affair, so he flew to Croatia to meet up and stop her. Then, Rob explains what lead up to Kate’s death.

He said that they went for a walk to talk, and it just so happened that they ended up by the water. Rob tells Beth that Kate was begging to be with him when really it was the other way around. During the heated discussion, Kate tells Rob that he was a rebound fling after her divorce to Jay and that from now on, she is going to live a truthful life. As Kate is about to walk away, Rob grabs her, and her necklace falls to the ground. Then, Rob hits Kate and she trips and bangs her head on a rock. Somehow, Kate rolls into the water and Rob leaves her to drown. Her cause of death was asphyxiation by drowning.


After an intense police chase that ends on the roof of a building, Pavic corners Beth with his gun drawn. Beth accuses Pavic of killing Kate, but Pavic is confused by Beth’s accusations and tells her to be quiet. While Beth and Pavic tussle with each other, Kovac appears and tells Pavic to stop. As Pavic turns around to look at Kovac, he trips on a rock and falls to the first floor of the building. Beth looks down to see Pavic bleeding out on the ground.

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The Weekend Away is available to stream only on Netflix.

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