What is Midnight at the Pera Palace about on Netflix?

Midnight at the Pera Palace - Photo Credits: Netflix
Midnight at the Pera Palace - Photo Credits: Netflix /

Midnight at the Pera Palace is the perfect combination of drama, romance, action, and, our favorite, history.

The 2022 series takes a deep look at one of the most important periods in Turkish history, highlighting people and stories you may have previously known nothing about. What’s more, the title has an aspect of modernity that makes it both an easy and fun watch.

Intrigued? You’ve come to the right place. Everything to know about Midnight at the Pera Palace, here.

Midnight at the Pera Palace synopsis

Based on the critically acclaimed Charles King novel, this series discusses the rise of modern-day Turkey, specifically, those who helped make the city into the amazing place that it is today.

Esra is a journalist looking for her next big story. She sets off to visit the Pera Palace, an esteemed hotel in Istanbul known for both its intriguing history and its mysterious supernatural happenings.

One fateful night, Esra is suddenly sent back to the past, finding herself in 1919. There, she meets all sorts of key figures from the past, including Mr. Halit, who isn’t just the key to Esra returning to the present but is also the key to ensuring the election of Turkey’s first president, Mustafa Kemal, comes to pass.

How will Esra keep the past the same to prevent the future from changing? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Read the official synopsis via Netflix below:

"At a historic Istanbul hotel, a journalist is thrust into the past and must stop a plot that could change the fate of modern Turkey."

Now that you know what to expect from the movie read on to learn about who stars in this new release. The cast of Midnight at the Pera features:

  • Hazal Kaya as Esra
  • Selahattin Pasali as Hailt
  • James Chalmers as George
  • Yasemin Szawlowski as Sonya
  • Okan Has as Waiter
  • Yasemin Sannino as Seniha

See Sannino and the rest of the cast in the trailer for Midnight at the Pera Palace, here.

The first season of the series has eight episodes in total. Each episode falls under an hour in length and has an age rating of TV-14 for mild strong language/substance use.

Catch Midnight at the Pera Palace streaming right now only on Netflix, and stay tuned for updates about whether a second season will be on the way!

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