What is Savage Rhythm on Netflix about?

Savage Rhythm - Photo Credits: Netflix
Savage Rhythm - Photo Credits: Netflix /

Just like the series Rebelde, the brand-new 2022 Netflix series Savage Rhythm is going to take you on a musical journey like none other.

Not only does this show have a ton of interesting and relatable characters that you are certainly going to love, but it also has a riveting story that is sure to leave you inspired to take the next step in achieving your dreams.

All around, it’s a great watch, and you’re not going to want to miss a single second. But, before you tune in, learn all about what Savage Rhythm has in store.

Savage Rhythm synopsis

Savage Rhythm tells the story of polar opposites Antonia and Karina, whose love for dance brings them closer together.,

Karina lives a relatively modest life and knows what it is to struggle to make ends meet, while Antonia comes from a life of luxury, seldom having to lift a finger to get what she wants. On paper, their vastly different lifestyles should drive them apart. However, these gals learn to embrace the other, and in doing so, they become both better people and better dancers.

The official synopsis via Netflix Media Center:

"Savage Rhythm is a drama starring Colombian stars Greeicy Rendón and Paulina Dávila, two dancers from opposite worlds who risk it all to make their dreams come true, even if it means invading each other’s lives, as they compete to dance as if their lives depended on it."

Now that you know what this show is about, it’s time to learn who you can expect to see. The cast for this 2022 release features:

  • Juan Manuel Guilera as Mateo
  • Greeicy Rendon as Karina
  • Cristina Warner as Miranda
  • Sergio Herrera as Vicente
  • Martina la Peligrosa as Bombita
  • Angela Cano as Ximena
  • David Palacio as Checho
  • Kevin Bury as Alex
  • Elisa Torrente as Majo
  • Sashua Lopez as La Chama

And last but certainly not least, Here on Earth actress Paulina Davila plays the lead role of Antonia in this new release. See Davila and the rest of the cast in the official teaser trailer for Savage Rhythm below.

If you loved this trailer, then you are sure to love every single episode of this series!

Savage Rhythm is streaming right now only on Netflix.

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