All American season 4 is not coming to Netflix in March 2022

We know that All American season 4 is eventually coming to Netflix. All eyes are on when that will be. It’s definitely not in March 2022.

While not all CW shows head to Netflix anymore, we do know that All American still does. If it wasn’t for the Netflix release, this series would have likely ended with the first season. It found its audience thanks to the streamer.

The bad news for those waiting for All American season 4 is that it’s not arriving on Netflix in March 2022. We had hoped there would be some episodes released, but it’s just not time for it yet.

All American season 4 release date predictions

CW shows head to Netflix eight days after the season finales air. Things did change for a few shows in 2021, but for the most part, the eight-day rule exists. That means we have some sort of idea as to when the new episodes of All American will arrive.

All American season 4 continues to air on The CW. It took a longer-than-normal winter break but returned with new episodes on Monday, Feb. 21 once the Winter Olympics were done. We’re picking up with the rest of the season, and there will likely be 13 episodes. The CW wants to get the schedule back to normal in fall 2022, which means a lot of shows are only getting 13 episodes this season.

With this in mind, we’re looking at a normal May 2022 finale date. That means All American season 4 will head to Netflix in late May or early June depending on the exact finale date. This is much better than having to wait until July like we did last year.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the finale date plans for The CW. Then we’ll get a better idea as to when to expect the full season on Netflix.

All American season 4 airs on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Stay tuned for the latest updates on when it comes to Netflix.