6 Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off (and 3 that don’t)

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Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off: Fate: The Winx Saga

Doesn’t need a spin-off! Fate: The Winx Saga premiered on Netflix in January 2021 to mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike. The teen series is supposed to be a live-action version of the popular Nickelodeon animated series Winx Club but is in no way similar to the source material.

Many criticized the show for, among other things, its lack of diversity, bad CGI, and divergence from the original series. Nonetheless, it was revealed that 57 million households watched the first season in the first 28 days of its release. And in February 2021, the show was renewed for a second season. It’s unclear if people were watching the series because they liked it or because they wanted to hate-watch it. Fate: The Winx Saga was renewed either way.

I’m not sure I want to give the teen series a second chance after such a horrible start. I definitely don’t want to see a spin-off centering around any of the characters in Fate: The Winx Saga. None of the characters from the teen series are worth learning more about. Keep in mind that I’m basing my opinion on how the show is now. If the writers can fix all the problems from the first season (which I doubt), then maybe I could see a potential spin-off. As of now, it’s a hard pass on a Fate: The Winx Saga spin-off series.

Our list of the Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off and the shows that don’t conclude with our next pick.