6 Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off (and 3 that don’t)

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Netflix shows that deserve a spin-off: Cobra Kai

Doesn’t need a spin-off! Don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy watching Cobra Kai and think the creators did a great job at continuing The Karate Kid franchise. But I think some shows should just be left alone. Cobra Kai is at an all-time high. Why possibly tarnish the hit series by prolonging it?

Sometimes the additional spin-offs work and really resonate with the audience. But other times, they end up being poorly executed. Sometimes a spin-off is so bad it threatens to ruin the fond memories of the original series. I would hate to see this happen to Cobra Kai.

If there were to be a spin-off, who would be the lead character(s)? Obviously, it couldn’t be Daniel LaRusso or Johnny Lawrence. Could Robby Keene or Samantha LaRusso carry an entire show on their own? What would the show be about? Would it copy what’s already been done?

In order for a spin-off of Cobra Kai to work, it’ll have to be an entirely new plot. The martial arts aspect would stay, but it can’t follow in the same footsteps of the films or series. I think the best thing to do is continue the Cobra Kai series on Netflix and leave it at that. Again, this is just my unpopular opinion.