Is Severance on Netflix? (where to watch the show online)

Severance key art. Courtesy of Apple TV+.
Severance key art. Courtesy of Apple TV+. /

Severance, a new workplace drama executive produced and directed by Ben Stiller, centers on one company’s ability to separate its employee’s work life from their home life. The premise is simple but horrific as the employee’s identities alter depending on whether they’re at work or off the clock.

Starring Adam Scott as lead character, Mark Scout, Severance is a thriller set at Lumon Industries. At first, the experiment Mark is a part of doesn’t seem that bad. It is, after all, some people’s dream to be able to keep their work brain and their true selves completely detached. However, in this series that’s done through surgery. But what happens when an employee is fired?

Do their work memories exist only if they’ve been recorded? If someone is able to recover their work memories what does that mean for Lumon Industries and whatever it is that they want to keep out of the public eye?

Mark is dragged into a mystery involving these very questions that could put him in danger if he’s not careful. Severance is a twisting story that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, but is the series available to stream on Netflix?

Here’s what we know!

Where to watch Severance

This show isn’t a Netflix original. In order to watch Severance, you’ll have to stream it on Apple TV+. A subscription to the streamer is $4.99/month. A 7-day trial is available to new users.

New episodes of Severance release weekly on the streamer. There are a total of nine episodes slated for release. Episodes premiere on Fridays.

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