Secrets of Summer cast: Who’s in the new Netflix show?

Secrets of Summer - Photo Credits: Netflix
Secrets of Summer - Photo Credits: Netflix /

Secrets of Summer is one of Netflix’s new TV shows to premiere on the streamer in February, and it’s sure to be a fan favorite! The Argentinian show introduces viewers to a whole new world of adventures and excitement which come with the days of summer spent with friends in a remote resort.

Spread across 11 episodes, viewers are treated to musical interludes performed by the main characters, which will surely get your head bopping along.

The coming-of-age show follows main character Steffi Navarro who is attracted to the beautiful island of Cielo Grande with the hope of uncovering a major family secret — her father’s trophy. But once she makes friends with a group of teens and they discover a mysterious, abandoned town, priorities change and they band together to uncover new clues about their families and pasts.

The official synopsis, provided by Netflix, gives a little bit more detail as to what to expect from the wholesome show, below!

"“Secrets of Summer blends action, mystery, romance and winsome musical interludes in this story of a group of teens working to save an old hotel deep in the Argentine Delta. The show weaves together childhood memories, family secrets and unforgettable moments—all set amid a thrilling wakeboard competition.”"

Secrets of Summer cast

Here’s the full list of actors to star in the first season of Secrets of Summer. 

  • Pilar Pascual as Steffi
  • Marley Estrada as the English voice of Steffi
  • Guido Messina as Julian
  • Víctor Varona as Antonio
  • Alyssa de Boisblanc as the English voice of Luz
  • Matt Anspach as the English voice of Charlie

Giulia Guerrini, Byron Barbieri, Luan Brum, Abril di Yorio, and Thais Rippel are also actors who are credited on IMDb but haven’t been given official character names.

Secrets of Summer trailer

Here’s the official trailer for Secrets of Summer below!

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