Who dies in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Elsie Fisher as Lila. Cr. Yana Blajeva / ©2022 Legendary, Courtesy of Netflix
TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Elsie Fisher as Lila. Cr. Yana Blajeva / ©2022 Legendary, Courtesy of Netflix /

Texas Chainsaw Massacre has arrived on Netflix, and horror fans can finally set their eyes upon every second of the slasher film. In the latest sequel, viewers witness some of the most gruesome and bloodiest murders in the horror genre history.

The brutal deaths were expected since director David Blue Garcia was asked to “tone up” the violence by producer Fede Álvarez. According to Comicbook, Garcia said Álvarez told him to make the kills as bloody as possible. He said that Álvarez wanted the craziest and most creative murders.

Garcia definitely followed his directions because the murder scenes in Texas Chainsaw Massacre were squeamish and not for the faint of heart at all. The Netflix movie had some pretty intense deaths.

Below, we shared all the character deaths in the horror film and the characters who managed to survive Leatherface’s killing spree.

WARNING: Spoilers from Texas Chainsaw Massacre ahead!

Who died in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Virginia/Mrs. Mc

Virginia is the first character to die in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She’s an elderly lady who ran the orphanage in Harlow, Texas. Melody and Dante meet Virginia when they step foot into what they think at the time is a vacant home. While Melody and Dante are looking around the house, Virginia pops out from the kitchen and asks Melody and Dante what they’re doing in her home. Later, they explain to Virginia that the bank reclaimed the house months ago. Virginia tells them she has the title for the home but is unwilling to share it. Then, she mentions the Confederate flag, and Dante storms off to get the cops.

The cops come into the house and are about to take Virginia to the sheriff’s office, but she ends up throwing up. While en route to the hospital, Virginia is wheezing and barely holding on. She says her last words to Leatherface, which are “Stay out of my room” before dying of a heart attack.


The deputy is murdered by Leatherface while in the backseat of the sheriff’s van. After Virginia passes away, Leatherface attempts to revive her by giving her oxygen, but nothing works. The deputy notices that Leatherface is in distress and tries to stop him, but Leatherface rips his hand off his body and continuously stabs him in the neck with the sharp bone of the hand.


While Leatherface is stabbing the deputy, the deputy raises his gun to shoot him. But the gun was facing the front seat and pointed at the sheriff. The gun accidentally goes off, and the sheriff is shot in the neck. The shot to the neck doesn’t kill the sheriff, though. But it does cause the sheriff to crash into a tractor. At this point in the film, it’s unclear who survived.

We find out soon that the sheriff, Leatherface, and Ruth, who was riding in the passenger seat, are still alive. The sheriff meets his end after Leatherface hears him groaning. Leatherface walks over to the car and bashes the sheriff’s head in with a huge block of wood. Ruth plays dead while all this is happening.


After the sheriff dies, Leatherface goes back to doing whatever he’s doing to Virginia’s body. Ruth watches Leatherface drag Virginia’s body into the field from the car’s side mirror. Once Leatherface is out of sight, Ruth attempts to escape from the vehicle’s driver’s side. But when she turns around to look out the passenger side window, she sees Leatherface standing there with a blade.

Leatherface breaks the passenger side window and drags Ruth back to the passenger seat. He begins choking her and inches the blade to her stomach. Then, he plunges the blade deep into Ruth’s stomach and tears her open.


Dante is the fourth character to die at the hands of Leatherface. After realizing that he doesn’t have the deed to Virginia’s house in his bag, Dante and Melody go back into Virginia’s house to see if Virginia actually had the title. While Melody searches upstairs, Dante checks in the room next to the kitchen downstairs. Melody finds the deed and realizes that Virginia still owns the house.

Then, we cut to Dante searching through papers. But he immediately stops what he’s doing after hearing pots and pans clattering in the kitchen. He goes into the kitchen to stop the hanging pots and pans from moving but notices Leatherface in the reflection of a pan.

Dante tries to make a run for it, but Leatherface grabs him and slashes his shoulder with a butcher knife. Then, Dante walks out of the kitchen into the foyer and collapses while bleeding out on the floor. Later, we find out he’s still alive when he opens his eyes.

Dante walks out of the house but is unsteady on his feet and struggling to breathe. While Dante walks in the rain, Richter notices him and calls out his name. Dante keeps walking until Richter grabs his shoulder and turns him around. When Dante turns around, one side of his face is completely gone. He then drops to the ground and takes his last breath.


When Richter noticed Dante, he saw him coming from Virginia’s house. So after Dante dies, Richter heads to the house. In this part of the movie, Melody hides under Virginia’s bed while Leatherface bashes the wall to get his chainsaw.

With his gun cocked, Richter goes up the stairs in the house. But Leatherface hears him and hides behind the door. Melody sees Richter about to walk into the room, so she turns a tall mirror with her foot to reveal where Leatherface is hiding. Leatherface runs from behind the door and starts swinging at Richter with a sledgehammer. Leatherface breaks Richter’s leg with the sledgehammer before Richter pushes Leatherface up against the window and breaks the glass.

While both Richter and Leatherface push each other by the window, Leatherface notices a sharp piece of glass sticking out and plunges Richter’s neck onto it. Richter falls to the ground, and Leatherface starts bashing his head in with the sledgehammer.


Every investor who came to Harlow died such a horrible death. When Lila rescues Melody from the house, they run to the bus full of investors with Leatherface hot on their trail. Just when they’re about to get away and leave Harlow, the bus comes to a halt. The bus driver exits the bus to see what’s wrong, and Leatherface ends up sawing off his face.

Leatherface enters the bus with his chainsaw, and all of the investors are basically sitting ducks. He kills every last one of them, but Melody and Lila manage to escape through the bathroom window.

Sally Hardesty

Sally meets her death, but not without putting up a fight. She drives to Harlow after discovering that Leatherface has started his killing spree again. As soon as she pulls up to Harlow, she sees Melody and Lila running from the bus and tells them to get in her truck.

Melody and Lila get in the truck, and Sally traps them in the car while she goes and finds Leatherface. She wants to put an end to him once and for all. Sally finds Leatherface in his house and holds him at gunpoint. While talking to Leatherface, Sally notices that he doesn’t remember her. Leatherface ends up leaving the house to go kill Melody and Lila.

Sally finds Leatherface and shoots him. Leatherface runs into an alley to rev up the chainsaw and then attacks Sally. They tussle before Leatherface uses his chainsaw and cuts Sally’s insides open. Then, he throws Sally’s body onto the ground. But Sally is still alive for the time being.

Sally was able to commit one last good deed, and that’s shooting Leatherface before he could kill Lila. She then gives Lila her gun before dying. I think Sally’s death was by far the craziest in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


In the final showdown between Melody, Lila, and Leatherface, Melody goes in for the kill and uses Leatherface’s chainsaw to attack him. After being cut in the face with the chainsaw, Leatherface falls back into the pool and seemingly drowns. But does Leatherface ever really die? Nope!

As Melody and Lila leave Harlow, Leatherface suddenly appears next to Melody’s window and snatches her out of the car. Lila watches from the car as Leatherface saws off Melody’s head. The car continues driving on autopilot, and Leatherface throws Melody’s head in the direction of the car. Then, the camera cuts to the credits.

It’s unclear if Leatherface ends up killing Lila since we don’t see Lila’s death on-screen. I think the writer left the ending open to our interpretation. In my opinion, I think Lila managed to escape. Lila is the final girl, and she will live to tell the tale.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now streaming on Netflix!

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