Is Uncharted on Netflix?

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland star in Columbia Pictures' UNCHARTED. Photo by: Clay Enos
Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland star in Columbia Pictures' UNCHARTED. Photo by: Clay Enos /

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s charismatic star Tom Holland is back in action in yet another big-budget franchise, and many subscribers on Netflix are eager to know if they can check out Uncharted on the streamer? To find out, keep on reading!

The brilliant Uncharted series for the Playstation 3 and 4 has been a powerhouse for Sony, breaking several sales records, winning a smorgasbord of renowned accolades, and garnering a robust amount of critical acclaim with every title released. So it was really only just a matter of time before series character frontman Nathan Drake made the jump to the silver screen.

Uncharted stars Holland as the street smart Drake, who teams up with Mark Wahlberg’s Sully, a seasoned treasure hunter. Together they embark on a wild adventure searching for a 500-year-old fortune amassed by Ferdinand Magellan himself that was thought to be lost forever. A solid lineup of talent is also in the mix for this pulse-pounding affair, including Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas.

If the 116-minute feature is half as good as the video games fans absolutely love, then viewers are in for an outstanding ordeal. There is no need to traverse the globe for answers because all the clues needed to find out if Uncharted is one of the many spectacular options ready to view now on Netflix are laid out below.

Is Uncharted available on Netflix?

There are so many undiscovered features to experience on the streaming service, but not every flick is hidden within its digital walls. The sad news to report is that Uncharted is unfortunately not one of the many well-crafted motion pictures for Netflix subscribers to enjoy.

It is wise also to point out that the film will at some juncture be watchable on Netflix per the deal the streamer has with Sony to have the latter’s movies available for subscribers from 2022 to 2026 after their theatrical and home media windows.

But for now, if subscribers continue to explore the content-filled platform that is Netflix, they will surely find all kinds of intriguing treasures along the way. Some of these exceptional gems ready to stream right now include Red Notice, Spenser Confidential, Extraction, and 6 Underground.

Where you can watch Uncharted

Unlike films such as Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984, and The Suicide Squad, the movie based on the best-selling Playstation franchise is only available on the big screen. Uncharted is playing in theaters now.

You can check out the trailer below:

Will you be watching Uncharted?

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