Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Is Harlow a real town?

The horror movie that everyone has been waiting on is finally here! Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now streaming on Netflix, and after watching the incredibly gory film, viewers have tons of questions.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre picks up 50 years later after the original 1974 version titled The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It follows a young group of entrepreneurs as they travel to the small town of Harlow, Texas, hoping to start a new business venture. But after they accidentally disrupt the home of the chainsaw-wielding killer, Leatherface, their dreams are immediately crushed and they must find a way to survive. Meanwhile, the sole survivor from the slaying in 1973, Sally Hardesty, reemerges to seek revenge.

The Netflix movie primarily takes place in the small town of Harlow, and people can’t help but wonder if the sleepy town is a real town that you can visit. We have no problem answering this burning question. Read on to find out whether Harlow is merely a fictional town or if it’s a real place.

Is Harlow a real town from Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Horror fanatics, I hate to break it to you, but you won’t be able to tour this town to get an intense adrenaline rush. Harlow is a made-up town for the movie. It makes sense why people would think Harlow is a real town, though. Everything looked so real. There was even a Harlow population sign with the population number smudged. It really looked like how an old and abandoned town would look. Harlow will easily remind you of an old western town.

Filming initially took place in Bulgaria, but that was when Ryan and Andy Tohill were signed on as directors. Production had wrapped, but the studio didn’t like what was shot. So the footage was scrapped and the director position was replaced. David Blue Garcia took over as director. It’s unknown if the reshoot was shot in Bulgaria. But it would’ve made sense for filming to still take place in Bulgaria since the cast and crew were already there.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is streaming now only on Netflix!