Is Dog starring Channing Tatum on Netflix? (Where to stream)

Dog starring Skyler Joy, Q’orianka Kilcher, and 21 Jump Street‘s Channing Tatum has officially been released in theaters everywhere!

This 2022 film is Tatum’s latest project and fans of the celebrity (and lovers of dogs) have been anticipating this release ever since it was initially announced to be on the way in February 2021. What’s more, this new movie marks Tatum’s directorial debut, making it nearly impossible to not want to watch this weekend.

Although all of these exciting things are known about the film, what’s not known is whether or not audiences can stream from the comfort of their own home or if they might have to make a trip to their local movie theater.

We tell you everything to know about Dog below.

What is Dog about?

Following a short hiatus, Briggs returns to his duty as a Ranger. However, to re-earn his stripes, he must escort a fallen soldier’s dog, Lulu, to her keeper’s funeral. This proves to be easier said than done as Lulu is extremely hard to tame, messy, and, in Briggs’ words, a demon. Nevertheless, he’ll have to learn how to get along with this pup, and the only way to do that is to understand Lulu for the crazy dog she is.

See all this and more play out in the official trailer for Dog, here.

Now that you know all about what this film will entail, it’s time to find out where to may be able to stream every second. Check it out below.

Is Dog on Netflix?

Today, Dog is not part of Netflix’s line-up nor does it appear to be a part of the service in the future as there are currently no plans in place that hint at the site eventually acquiring rights to stream this film.

Hopefully this changes in the future. While you wait, read on to learn where you may be able to watch Dog.

Where to stream Dog

Unfortunately, like Netflix, none of the major streaming platforms have acquired this movie as it is currently set to only be released in theaters. As we know, things won’t stay this way for long, so it’s possible Dog will stream on a site like Hulu or HBO Max once it finishes its theatrical run. Naturally, we’ll update you once (or if) this happens.

Until then, head on over to a theater near you to watch Dog, or if you would prefer to stay home, check out similar titles such as BenjiJune & Kopi, and Show Dogs streaming right now on Netflix.