What is Secrets of Summer about on Netflix?

Secrets of Summer - Photo Credits: Netflix
Secrets of Summer - Photo Credits: Netflix /

This week, Netflix released a brand-new title called Secrets of the Summer a.k.a your next favorite original series! The new release is nothing short of a good time as it not only focuses on the thrill and adventure that comes with the summer season but also has tons of fun songs that are sure to make you bop your head.

Want to know more about this series? Want to be introduced to these fresh faces? Then you’ve come to the right place because we tell you all about Secrets of Summer below.

Secrets of Summer synopsis

Steffi Navarro is as curious as she is ambitious as this young talented wakeboarder is relentless in her search to uncover a major family secret — her father’s trophy.

The trophy, also known as the beautiful island of Cielo Grande, is the home of the answers that she seeks, but it is also the home of her new friends who change the trajectory of her life forever with their musical talent, hunger for adventure, and determination to bring an old hotel back to life again.

Steffi may have been searching for clues to her father’s past however, she ended up finding something much more valuable. Read the official synopsis via Netflix here:

"Secrets of Summer blends action, mystery, romance and winsome musical interludes in this story of a group of teens working to save an old hotel deep in the Argentine Delta. The show weaves together childhood memories, family secrets and unforgettable moments—all set amid a thrilling wakeboard competition."

See all of this and more play out in the official trailer for Secrets of Summer down below.

There are currently 11 episodes of the new Netflix original series. Each episode is under an hour in duration and has been given an age rating of TV-Y, which means you can grab your younger ones to watch this new title alongside you!

We hope that after knowing all this, you definitely want to give Secrets of Summer a try. If so, head on over to binge watch every single episode of the series streaming right now only on Netflix!

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