Did this Netflix tweet just hint that Stranger Things is ending?

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

It’s hard to believe that we’re going on three years since the last season of Stranger Things released on Netflix. In the time season 3’s release in July 2019, Netflix has dropped new seasons of countless series as Stranger Things fans have sat on the sidelines biding time with the limited breadcrumbs Netflix has provided.

After what’s been an exhausting hiatus, we finally began to see the light at the end of the tunnel as 2021 came to a close. On Stranger Things Day 2021, Netflix gifted fans with countless updates including confirmation that season 4 would (finally) arrive in Summer 2022.

Unfortunately, after Stranger Things Day came and went, Netflix has been tight-lipped with few updates released since.

Fans’ anticipation continues to build for the season’s official trailer and release date, with fans checking social media daily for news about the upcoming season. While Netflix has yet to drop any new information, a recent Twitter exchange between the official Netflix and Stranger Things accounts has fans worried the end could be coming for the hit series.

Netflix tweets hint Stranger Things is ending

On Feb. 16, 2022, the Netflix Twitter account tweeted out one of its infamous billboard graphics which featured the message “Every ending has a beginning.” Interestingly, the message on the graphic was upsidedown which led some to speculate whether it was a nod to Stranger Things

While at first it seemed like a coincidence, the official Stranger Things Twitter account replied a short while after with an upsidedown smiley face. It was a simple tweet, but one that quickly seemed to confirm fan speculation about the message being connected to Stranger Things. Check out the tweets below: 

The warning that “Every ending has a beginning” has many fans convinced the graphic is foreshadowing the end of Stranger Things… and we have to admit the exchange does appear to be cause for concern.

The real question becomes is season 4 the beginning of the end or could season 4 be the final season of the hit series?

Is Stranger Things canceled?

The future of Stranger Things remains uncertain, however, Netflix has not yet canceled the series which is a positive sign for those hoping the series will continue beyond its upcoming fourth season.

While the exchange between Netflix and the official Stranger Things Twitter accounts have created a panic among fans regarding the show’s future, Netflix has not announced plans to end the show with season 4.

The streaming powerhouse has also not renewed the series for a fifth season, but it’s not uncommon for Netflix to hold on renewing a show until after a new season has arrived.

Executive producer and co-creator Ross Duffer revealed to The Hollywood Reporter during a 2020 interview that season 4 was not envisioned to be the show’s final season. However, Ross and his brother Matt Duffer have hinted that the show could end after four or five seasons.

While we’d love to see the show go on for many more seasons to come, it’s definitely looking like season 5 could be the final season of Stranger ThingsThis latest Twitter exchange only seems to have further stirred the pot and led to the growing speculation that season 4 could be the beginning of the end for the beloved series.

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