Through My Window sequels in the works at Netflix

Through My Window - Production Still Image Courtesy Netflix
Through My Window - Production Still Image Courtesy Netflix /

Through My Window was released on Netflix on Feb. 4, and the streamer has already green-lit the movie for two sequels!

On Feb. 15, Netflix announced the good news on its Twitter account. The streamer stated that Ares and Raquel’s love story hasn’t come to an end. The sequels will follow the cute couple and the other characters from the first film. To top it off, the original author Ariana Godoy is on board for both movies.

After the news was announced, fans were quick to express their excitement for the two additional installments. Since Through My Window ended on a high note, it was unclear if there would be a follow-up. Of course, a sequel could’ve been a possibility. But two sequels? Fans definitely got more than they bargained for!

What could the Through My Window sequels be about?

Through My Window is based on the 2016 Wattpad book titled the same name by author Ariana Godoy. In 2018, Godoy published the second installment on Wattpad titled Through You. I think the first sequel could be adapted from Godoy’s second book.

The synopsis for Through You isn’t straightforward and clear, but it seems to follow a woman who lives with the three Hildago brothers (Ares, Artemis, and Apolo). The woman is tired of living in the shadows of the three attractive brothers and wants people to know her story.

Here’s the translated synopsis for Through You via Wattpad below:

"How does it feel to live with three beautiful boys? You are so lucky. What envy. Living with those beauties, what a privilege. How can you live with them? Have you thrown any? Could you get me his cell number? That’s just a little bit of what I’ve had to deal with since the Hidalgo boys grew up to be every girl’s wet dream in this place. Artemis, Ares and Apolo Hidalgo are responsible for many girls’ sighs in the streets and with whom I grew up even though we are not family. Many people believe me lucky, but they are so wrong about my life, they don’t know my story, not everything is rosy in the life of a girl like me. Nothing is so easy and simple in the life of someone like me."

Godoy also has a third book titled Through The Rain from the Through My Window series, and this book could be the source material for the second sequel. Through My Rain tells the story of the youngest Hidalgo brother, Apolo, as he tries to find love and his purpose in life.

We shared the translated synopsis for Through The Rain via Wattpad below:

"Apolo Hidalgo is the youngest of the three Hidalgo brothers, a sweet boy full of good intentions: A good boy. Anyone would think that he would do well in love and in life, but will it be so? What if the girls he meets on his way don’t like nice guys? What if your good intentions and good heart are not enough? Boys can get their hearts broken too, and Apolo knows that better than anyone."

When could we see the Through My Window sequels? There aren’t official release dates for the sequels yet, but the first sequel will obviously come out first. If production starts soon, we could be looking at an early 2023 release date for the first sequel. It shouldn’t take long for a film like this to be shot and edited. So I think there’s a good chance the first sequel could arrive on Netflix in early 2023. If not early next year, then sometime before the end of 2023. For the second sequel, we could possibly see it arrive on Netflix in 2024.

Once the cameras start rolling on each sequel, we’ll have a better idea of when the Netflix movies could land on the streamer. So make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life for more news and coverage on the Through My Window sequels.

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