Tall Girl 2 ending explained: Do Jodi and Dunkleman end up together? (spoilers)

Tall Girl 2 (L-R) Ava Michelle as Jodi, Griffin Gluck as Dunkleman. Cr. Scott Saltzman/Netflix
Tall Girl 2 (L-R) Ava Michelle as Jodi, Griffin Gluck as Dunkleman. Cr. Scott Saltzman/Netflix /

Tall Girl 2 is now streaming on Netflix, and the sequel to the teen romantic comedy movie reunites us with the characters we know and love from the 2019 original.

Picking up where the first movie left off, Tall Girl 2 finds Jodi Kreyman (Ava Michelle) full of confidence and newly popular after her speech at the homecoming dance. However, landing the lead in the school play brings back her height insecurities and threatens her happiness with Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck).

Do Jodi and Dunklement stay together in the new sequel, or does Jodi’s new social status negatively impact their relationship? Also, can new fans watch the new release without watching the previous movie? Here’s everything to know about the movie and its ending.

Spoilers from Tall Girl 2 ahead!

Can you watch Tall Girl 2 without watching Tall Girl?

If you’re wondering whether you can hop right into the sequel without watching the original Tall Girl, you’ve come to the right place. While we wouldn’t normally recommend watching a sequel without having seen the first movie, it’s totally doable here.

In the opening scene of Tall Girl 2, Jodi and Dunkleman stand facing the camera and catch the viewers up on what happened in the first movie. We later learn that the couple are actually oversharing the story of their relationship to an indifferent cashier.

The characters provide plenty of background information for new viewers to understand what happened in the last movie and avoid any confusion. But even without that exposition summary, anyone can watch Tall Girl 2 without missing a beat.

Netflix movies - Tall Girl 2
Tall Girl 2 (L-R) Griffin Gluck as Dunkleman, Ava Michelle as Jodi. Cr. Scott Saltzman/Netflix /

Does Jodi end up with Dunkleman in Tall Girl 2?

Even though the sequel begins with Jodi and Dunkleman happily in a relationship, complete with a box from him to stand on to be at her same height, there’s soon trouble in paradise once Jodi starts rehearsing for her lead in the school production of Bye Bye Birdie.

The couple calls it quits after a confounding argument during their three-month anniversary dinner, which leads to them both getting closer to other potential love interests. Jodi spends time with co-star Tommy (Jan Luis Castellanos), while Dunkleman hangs out with Stig’s sister, Stella (Johanna Liauw).

However, all’s well that ends well as Jodi and Dunkleman get back together by the end of the movie after the opening of the play. Dunkleman brings her a framed memento from their past, and the sweet moments results in them falling back in love.

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