The Last Kingdom season 5 is coming to Netflix in March 2022

The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /

The wait is almost over Arselings. The Last Kingdom season 5 has an official release date on Netflix. Here’s all you need to know right now.

Not only do we get a release date, but we also get a promo for The Last Kingdom season 5. It’s going to send shivers down your spine, especially with this being the final season of the series—there is a movie happening but this is it for the story as a TV series.

We’re ready to see what’s next in Uhtred’s journey. Not everyone will survive, and there is a lot to cover over the course of 10 episodes.

The Last Kingdom season 5 release date

All 10 episodes will drop as a binge-watch on Wednesday, March 9. It is an odd day for a Netflix Original, but we’re not complaining.

Many fans will have spotted Alexander Dreymon sharing the release date on his Instagram. He shared the poster, which sees Uhtred with swords in his hands surrounded by flames. He is ready for war.

The Last Kingdom season 5 trailer

The show’s official social media accounts shared the promo for the season. It gives us details of what to expect and also makes it clear that a certain member of the royal family has made it through the previous season alive.

Lady Aelswith was last seen on what we presumed was her deathbed after being poisoned. However, she’s is in the trailer for the season, and it doesn’t look like a figment of anyone’s imagination.

The main focus is Uhtred’s big enemy for the season, though. Brida has built her own following, and she wants to take down her former lover and best friend. She’ll do it by attacking his bloodline first, and that’s sure to pull Uhtred into the fight. There is an epic moment that sees the two fighting on a tree branch.

Then there’s a call to Bebbenburg. “I always wanted to die at Bebbenburg,” Finan jokes as he, Uhtred, and Sihtric are climbing up the cliffside. Will that happen? We know Uhtred and Sihtric will be in the movie, but we didn’t spot Finan in Dreymon’s Instagram video. Uh oh!

Take a look at the trailer for The Last Kingdom season 5:

The Last Kingdom season 5 is coming to Netflix on Wednesday, March 9.

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