6 romantic Netflix movies to watch (and 4 to skip) on Valentine’s Day 2022

Love Hard - LH_Day30_Nov13_BS_0033.RAFCr. Bettina Strauss/Netflix © 2021
Love Hard - LH_Day30_Nov13_BS_0033.RAFCr. Bettina Strauss/Netflix © 2021 /

Happy Valentine’s Day! Well, it’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but it’s right around the corner. On the day of love, you’ll probably spend time with your loved one and watch romantic Netflix movies all day long. Of course, you can always count on us at Netflix Life to give you the best movie suggestions.

We haven’t seen many good romantic movies on Netflix at the start of 2022 other than The Royal Treatment, but in the past year or so, a plethora of romantic movies was added to the streamer.

These Netflix movies make you feel good inside, and the stories will really resonate with you. They serve as great escapes and fantasies for viewers all over. Often, you’ll find yourself going back to rewatch the films because they were just that good.

So, what better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than by watching some of the best romantic Netflix movies ever? We know it can be an annoying task to find what’s good and what’s bad on Netflix, so we’ll help you out by telling you which romantic Netflix movies you should watch and which you should skip.

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Single All The Way (L-R). Philemon Chambers as Nick, Michael Urie as Peter, in Single All The Way. Cr. Philippe Bosse/Netflix © 2021 /

Romantic Netflix movies Valentine’s Day

Romantic movies aren’t always just about two people falling in love. There can be many subgenres such as romantic comedies, romantic dramas, romantic thrillers, romantic fantasies, etc. Our list consists of some of these genres, so everyone has something to watch. We’re going to start off our list with the romantic comedy Single All the Way.

Single All the Way

Watch! Adding Single All the Way to our list was a no-brainer. The plot might be something we’ve already seen before, but the chemistry between the leading actors (Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers) makes this movie worth watching. And we can’t forget the other well-known cast members (Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Coolidge) who bring so much comedy to the film. You’ll seriously find yourself laughing out loud several times throughout the movie. But at the core of the film is a beautiful love story, and you’ll definitely finish the movie craving more romantic content.

Love, Guaranteed - Netflix movies - romantic Netflix movies
Love, Guaranteed — Courtesy of Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix /

Love, Guaranteed

Watch! Love, Guaranteed came out in 2020, but it’s a romantic film that people will often go back and rewatch. She’s All That star Rachael Leigh Cook plays an attorney who takes on a client (Damon Wayans Jr.) looking to sue a dating app that guarantees its users will find love. Eventually, sparks fly between the two, and a love story unfolds. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy that’s good and fast-paced, Love, Guaranteed is the movie for you.

He’s All That

Skip! Don’t even read this movie’s description because it’s not worth a watch. Initially, I was really excited to see He’s All That because I knew it was a remake of the ’90s teen classic She’s All That, but this film did not do justice to the original movie at all. He’s All That was horribly cast and it was utterly impossible to get through the entire movie without wanting to turn it off. There’s so much more I could say about this film, but I’ll leave it at that. He’s All That is a hard pass.

Ride or Die - romantic Netflix movies
Kanojyo Ride Or Die. Honami Sato, Kiko Mizuhara in Kanojyo Ride Or Die. Cr Aiko Nakano/NETFLIX © 2021 /

Ride or Die

Skip! It was hard for me to add Ride or Die to our list of films to skip because I really enjoyed watching it, but this movie just isn’t the type of romantic film you should watch on Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, you want to watch a film that makes you feel good. I’m not saying Ride or Die won’t give you those same feelings, but there are just too many dark elements in this film. There’s so much graphic violence that you’ll forget there’s a love story playing out between the two main characters. If you enjoy watching Bonnie and Clyde-type romantic movies, Ride or Die is the film for you. If not, check out the next romantic Netflix movie on our list.

The Royal Treatment - romantic Netflix movies
The Royal Treatment. (L-R) Laura Marano as Izzy, Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas in The Royal Treatment. Cr. Kirsty Griffin/Netflix © 2021 /

The Royal Treatment

Watch! You probably saw this one coming since we mentioned earlier that The Royal Treatment is the only good romantic movie to come out so far this year. Honestly, ignore whatever the critics said about this film because The Royal Treatment is a must-watch. The film offers a sweet story and outstanding performances from the two leads (Laura Marano and Mena Massoud). By the end of the movie, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The Royal Treatment is definitely one of the best romantic Netflix movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

The Half of It

Watch! The Half of It is another romantic comedy that you must watch this Valentine’s Day. It was released on Netflix in 2020 and received positive reviews from critics. There are so many reasons why you should watch this film. First, the movie provides positive representation for LGBTQ+ Asian American youth. Secondly, we don’t see many mainstream love stories about queer women. Lastly, the characters are relatable, and the audience can easily see themselves in the characters. There is no other film like The Half of It, and I promise you won’t regret watching this romantic comedy film on Valentine’s Day.

Irreplaceable You - romantic Netflix movies
Irreplaceable You Production Still Image Courtesy Netflix /

Irreplaceable You

Skip! Irreplaceable You is just too sad of a movie to watch on Valentine’s Day. It’s a touching and tender love story. A romantic film is supposed to make you cry, but Irreplaceable You will have you bawling. This film is definitely a tearjerker, and you’ll need plenty of tissue while watching it. We don’t recommend you watch Irreplaceable You on Valentine’s Day because it’ll leave you feeling too emotional. If you want to watch this movie any other day, be my guest.

A Castle for Christmas

Skip! Okay, hear me out. It was refreshing to see a love story revolving around a couple over the age of 50 since the entertainment industry is oversaturated with movies focusing on young love. But A Castle for Christmas just seemed rushed. There wasn’t any chemistry between the main actors, which was surprising coming from veteran actor Brooke Shields. I mean, the kissing scene in this movie was just too hard to watch. I found myself turning my head and waiting for the scene to be over. And the fake Scottish accent that Cary Elwes called himself doing was downright disrespectful. I like Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes as actors, but putting them together in a romantic comedy is not a good idea.

Resort to Love

Watch! Resort to Love isn’t the best romantic Netflix movie to watch on Valentine’s Day, but it’s still worth a watch. It’s about a heartbroken aspiring singer who takes a gig as the entertainment for a wedding at a luxurious island resort only to find out that her ex-fiancé is the groom. There’s a tricky love triangle involving the main character in the movie that you’ll enjoy watching and several laughable moments. Resort to Love will be right up your alley if you enjoy watching Hallmark movies.

Love Hard

Watch! If you don’t watch any other romantic Netflix movie on our list, you have to watch Love Hard. Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, and Darren Barnet star in this rom-com, and they give fantastic performances. The plot is fresh and original, and you’ll love the dynamic between Dobrev and Yang’s characters. The soundtrack is amazing as well. If you’re tired of watching the same old romantic Netflix movies over and over again, you should check out Love Hard only on Netflix.

What romantic Netflix movies will you be watching and skipping on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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