5 good shows on Netflix this weekend: Murderville and Sweet Magnolias

Murderville. (L to R) Will Arnett as Terry Seattle, Kumail Nanjiani as Guest 103 in episode 103 of Murderville. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022
Murderville. (L to R) Will Arnett as Terry Seattle, Kumail Nanjiani as Guest 103 in episode 103 of Murderville. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022 /

The first weekend of February is here, and there are many shows on Netflix to keep you entertained as you spend some downtime this weekend.

If you check out the Netflix Top 10 TV Shows, you will see many repeats holding firm from last week. All of Us Are Dead, The Woman in House, Ozark, and Archive 81 are wildly popular Netflix original series.

Be sure to check out all the shows that will release new seasons in 2022 on Netflix.

Best shows on Netflix February 5, 2022

Don’t miss these fantastic shows on Netflix this weekend.


Murderville is led by Will Arnett’s character Terry Seattle, a homicide detective. This series is an improvisational crime comedy where some cast members are scripted with the special guest improving their way through the episode. The guest must then figure out who the murderer is.

This series is based on the BBC3 series Murder in Successville, a series that Arnett’s Sony-based Electric Ave. acquired.

Arnett is joined by cast members Haneefah Wood as Chief Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle, Lilan Bowden as medical examiner Amber Kang, and Phillip Smithey as Det. Darren “Daz” Phillips. Special guests include Conan O’Brien, Annie Murphy, Ken Jeong, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch, Sharon Stone, and Erinn Hayes.

Sweet Magnolias

The highly anticipated second season of the Netflix original series Sweet Magnolias is now available to stream. Fans have waited for two years for the season to drop, and most have binged the 10 episode season immediately.

The burning question for season two is, who was in the car. This season will open with Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue learning the answer to this question. That revelation and many other surprises will reshape relationships.

Raising Dion

Another series that fans have been longing for is the second season of Raising Dion. This superhero drama was first released in 2019, so it has been some time since fans have watched a new episode.

After the death of her husband, Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) becomes a single mom raising her son Dion (Ja’Siah Young). When he begins to show magical superhero abilities, she must do what she can to hide his powers. Along with her husband’s best friend Pat (Jason Ritter), she tries to protect Dion and keep him away from people wanting to exploit his gifts.

There is a two-year time jump in season two, and Dion continues to perfect his abilities when he learns there is more danger looming over him. He and his mother must work together to save Atlanta.

Dark Desire

The Mexican thriller drama Dark Desire is back with season two. The first season of this series was the most-watched non-English title on Netflix at that time.

The first season ended with a significant cliffhanger and other loose ends, which season two will resolve. Expect the same steamy drama as before. What will happen with Dario and Alma, and did _____ kill themselves, or was it murder?

The second season consists of 15, which is three shorter than season one, and this will be the final of this series.


The fourth part of the animated series Disenchantment will release on Netflix on Feb. 9. This gives you time to binge the first three parts ahead of the release of the new episode. This series is created for Netflix by The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening, his first production for a streamer.

Set in Dreamland, a  patriarchal medieval European kingdom, the series follows Bean, a rebellious princess who likes to drink, and her sidekick Elfo and her personal demon Luci. The fourth part will tell of the mystery behind Dreamland’s origins and what is in store for the kingdom’s future. The trio plus King Zøg will take personal journeys tying them to the kingdom’s fate.

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