Who is Victoria in Sweet Magnolias season 2? (Spoilers)

Sweet Magnolias. Justin Bruening as Cal Maddox in episode 202 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021
Sweet Magnolias. Justin Bruening as Cal Maddox in episode 202 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021 /

Sweet Magnolias season 2 arrived on Feb. 4 with a 10-episode season filled with exciting new developments that made the long break between seasons well worth it.

The season does a wonderful job of peeling back the layers of our favorite characters including Cal, whose past is finally explored more deeply in season 2 in order to provide audiences with even more context into the life he lived before coming to Serenity.

As part of this dive into Cal’s past, we come to meet a mysterious woman by the name of Victoria who is first introduced in season 2, episode 3 — just not in the most traditional of senses.

Warning: The following post contains Sweet Magnolias season 2 spoilers. 

Victoria Sweet Magnolias season 2

In Sweet Magnolias season 2 episode 3, Cal takes a stroll down memory lane when looking over some objects in his bedroom dresser including an old game ball and a note signed with love by a woman named Victoria.

As Cal exams the note, he at first begins to crumple it up before flattening it back out and placing it in his drawer which allows viewers to get a glimpse at the full note which reads, “There are a million reasons you’ll always be my most valuable player. Go Braves! Love, Victoria.”

Later in the season, it is revealed that Victoria was Cal’s ex-girlfriend who brought him nothing but drama and was quite toxic, often taking credit for all of his successes without ever really supporting or helping him along the way.

After they broke up, their paths crossed again at a party where Cal slugged her new man after she brought him around just to push Cal’s buttons and show off her engagement ring. The fight nearly led to Cal being charged for Assault and Battery, charges that were never filed but led to Cal losing his job in the season finale when Mary Vaughn Lewis dragged them out in front of the school board in order to get him fired.

Will we meet Victoria in Sweet Magnolias?

Victoria is not introduced on camera within Sweet Magnolias season 2, but the odds seem favorable that the character could make her official debut in season 3 — should Netflix proceed with a third season.

Given the complicated history she shares with Cal, her arrival could lead to some interesting storylines and add more drama for the coach who was last seen being hauled away by police after a fight at Sullivan’s.

Sweet Magnolias season 2 is streaming now on Netflix. 

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