3 best anime coming to Netflix in February 2022

UKRAINE - 2021/01/20: In this photo illustration the Netflix logo seen displayed on a mobile phone and on a pc screen. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
UKRAINE - 2021/01/20: In this photo illustration the Netflix logo seen displayed on a mobile phone and on a pc screen. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Happy new month!

Last month, Netflix blessed its users with a handful of intriguing anime titles that proved to be very much so worth the wait. The Orbital Children part 1, Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series part 2, and the conclusion to the hilarious comedy series Komi Can’t Communicate took the streaming platform by storm and left many anime fans begging for more. Thankfully, their desires were heard loud and clear.

This February, Netflix has some new anime titles on the way and it includes some you may have heard about before and one awesome new anime film you’re certainly going to want to know everything about.

Best anime on Netflix February 2022

Which anime are coming to your screens this month? Read on to find out!

Sword Art Online season 4

Release Date: Feb. 6

Yes, you read that right! Sword Art Online season 4 is finally coming to Netflix, which means longtime fans of this cool sci-fi anime can finally know where Kirito’s journey will take him next.

Last we left off, Kirito found out that his love interest Asuna was at Rath, a company that seeks to improve Japan’s military defense by replacing humans with highly-intelligent robots (or A.I.). In finding this out, Kirito is determined to join her, especially since the company seemingly is up to no good, but before he could get a reading on her exaction location, he suddenly comes under attack by an unknown enemy.

Who is this person or organization, and do they seek to help or hurt Kirito? You’ll have to tune in to find out, but while you wait for season 4 to arrive, you can keep busy anticipating this upcoming brand new title.

Child of Kamiari Month

Release Date: Feb. 8

Get ready to grab the nearest box of tissues because Child of Kamiari Montis heading your way!

Following her mother’s death, a young girl named Kanna is suddenly faced with tons of extraordinary events as her magical amulet unlocks a mythical reality where animals and monsters alike can see and speak with her. Some creatures ask for her to destroy the amulet, while some ask for her to keep it on. Knowing nothing of what the piece means or why she was chosen, Kanna sets out to find answers.

You can see all of this and more play out in the official trailer for Child of Kamiari Month, right here.

After watching this trailer, you may now be a fan of coming-of-age titles where children suddenly have the weight of the world on their shoulders. If so, then this next title is sure to be your next binge.

The Orbital Children part 2

Release Date: Feb. 11

The Orbital Children released its first installment last month and it received a great deal of favorable ratings and reviews from its audiences. Most hail the series for its jaw-clenching suspense and its ability to keep you guessing at every turn, but the majority of its fans can’t help but praise the series for its intriguing and dynamic characters. Fortunately, much more content is in store for fans of this series and it’s sure to garner even more praise than part 1.

The upcoming second installment will show us the continued journey of these space kids now that they received a suspicious email from a mysterious person who wants to meet them at an equally mysterious location. Who this person is, what they want to discuss, and many more questions are to be answered in part 2.

Be sure to catch up with The Orbital Children part 1 today so that you, too, can formulate theories on where part 2 will take us next.

And there you have it! Three amazing anime coming to your Netflix screens this month. Don’t forget to save the date, set your alarms, and tune in to every second of these great sci-fi/fantasy titles.

If this list filled you with excitement, just wait until you get wind of all the anime coming to Netflix next month! Stay tuned for more anime updates!

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