What is The Tinder Swindler about?

THE TINDER SWINDLER. Courtesy of Netflix.
THE TINDER SWINDLER. Courtesy of Netflix. /

Dating apps are hard to navigate as it is. How do you know if someone is who they say they are? Who’s lying? Who is pretending to be someone completely different? Who’s an axe murderer? Well, it could be even worse. You could be dealing with someone who convinces you to give them thousands of dollars. That’s what The Tinder Swindler is all about.

The new documentary will be hitting Netflix on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022, and is like if a contestant on Love is Blind turned out to be a con-man (maybe one day!).

But the film is not all about the crime and the money he stole from the women he swiped right on. It’s also about payback. The women are not taking what happened to them lightly.

Three of the women he conned are featured in the film and talk about what happened to them and how they got revenge.

What is The Tinder Swindler about?

The true-crime documentary tells the story of a group of women who all met a guy, Shimon Hayut, on Tinder. But he didn’t use his real name. He went by Simon Leviev, said he was a “diamond mogul,” and the son of billionaire Russian-Israeli, Lev Leviev.

But it wasn’t just the name change that made this con so believable. He also hired fake assistants and business partners and claimed he was a “high-powered CEO” who traveled a lot.

Sure, it sounds too good to be true to us on the outside, but when you’re looking for love, sometimes too good to be true seems all too real. By the end of the relationship, he had taken thousands, if not millions, of dollars from them.

To con them into giving him the money, he would first shower them with gifts and trips using money he had taken from the con before. Then, when the money ran out, he began asking the woman he was with for loans.

Welp, apparently Shimon never heard the phrase about a “woman scorned.” Because three of the women he stole from teamed up and decided to take him down and now we all get to watch it in Netflix’s latest documentary. I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens.

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