Who dies in The Woman in the House?

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. Kristen Bell as Anna in episode 102 of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. Cr. Colleen E. Hayes/Netflix © 2021
The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. Kristen Bell as Anna in episode 102 of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. Cr. Colleen E. Hayes/Netflix © 2021 /

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window has landed on Netflix, and people are shocked by all the character deaths that occurred this season.

We knew this was a dark comedy thriller, but we weren’t expecting this many deaths. What’s even more shocking is the reveal of the person’s identity behind all these senseless killings. The audience was constantly at the edge of their seats, trying to figure out who was committing these heinous crimes but was never right. You were truly on a journey with Anna (Kristen Bell) to find out whose behind the murders and were always led to a dead end.

After finding out the killer’s identity, it makes you think of all the people who died this season. There’s no need to go back and rewatch the Netflix original series to find out the characters who died because we’ve compiled a list of all the character deaths in The Woman in the House right below.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Woman in the House!

Who died in The Woman in the House?


The first character death that the audience is made aware of is Lisa’s. Anna has an obsession with Neil and wants to be with him, but Neil is dating Lisa. After some intense snooping, Anna finds out that Lisa isn’t who she portrays herself to be, so she plans to reveal this information and hopefully break Neil and Lisa up. But on a normal night of drinking copious amounts of wine and sitting by the window, things got very dark when Anna witnessed the murder of Lisa at Neil’s place.

After talking to the cops about Lisa’s murder, the cops tell Anna that Lisa isn’t dead and that she’s on an airplane doing her job as a flight attendant. Anna refuses to believe Lisa is alive and immediately points fingers at Neil being the killer. She then sets out on a mission to uncover the truth. The cops eventually find Lisa’s body, and an investigation is opened.

Although Anna begins to think others (Buell and Rex) are the killer and not Neil, she always goes back to Neil in the end. We don’t find out who Lisa’s killer is until the last moments of the final episode. After following Buell to Neil’s house, Anna walks through the door and sees Buell on the floor bleeding out from his neck. She then realizes that Buell isn’t the killer and immediately thinks Neil is.

Anna hears Emma scream and runs over to her to find Neil dead and Emma holding a knife. Anna realizes that Emma killed Lisa and Emma confesses to doing so. We find out Emma’s reasoning for killing Lisa in a flashback scene. In the flashback, we learn Emma stabbed Lisa because she wouldn’t buy chocolate bars from her.


Neil makes it to the last episode but is killed in the last moments of the final episode by his own daughter, Emma. Emma slit Neil’s throat, and her reasoning for killing him is that she was tired of hearing him practice his ventriloquist act. Honestly, Neil’s death was the saddest, in my opinion.


Initially, Anna believes that Neil killed his wife, Meredith, but it’s revealed later in the final episode that Emma killed her mother. After Anna calls Emma a monster for killing Neil, Emma calls her own mother a monster. Then, there’s a flashback scene, and we see Emma push a pregnant Meredith into the lake, and she drowns. Emma tells Anna that she killed Meredith because she wanted to be the only child, and her mother didn’t ask her first if she wanted a sibling.

Emma’s teacher

Emma’s teacher dies by being pushed off a lighthouse on a school field trip. Anna thought Neil was having an affair with Emma’s teacher and pushed her off the lighthouse because she was going to tell the police that he had killed Meredith. However, this was all made up in Anna’s head and wasn’t actually true. In the final episode, Emma confesses to Anna that she killed her teacher by pushing her off the lighthouse. Emma doesn’t give a reason for killing her teacher, though.


After confessing to all the murders, Emma attempts to kill Anna and frame everything on her. Anna and Emma tussle with each other for a while throughout Neil’s house, and just when Emma is about to stab Anna with a knife, Anna stabs Emma with the sharp edge of a broken casserole dish. Emma instantly dies.

How did Anna’s daughter die in The Woman in the House?

In episode 1, we find out that Anna is divorced from Douglas and their daughter, Elizabeth, died, but we don’t find out how she died until episode 2. In episode 2, Anna is having a phone call with her therapist, and he tells her that talking about what happened to Elizabeth could possibly help her get over her ombrophobia. Then, we see a flashback scene to the day Elizabeth died.

In the flashback, Elizabeth is going with Douglas to work since it’s “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.” Douglas is a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI and specializes in serial killers so he and Elizabeth enter a room with a serial killer who had murdered and eaten at least 30 people.

Just before the assessment begins, the warden walks into the room, asking to speak to Douglas to discuss an urgent matter. Douglas steps out of the room, and the warden shuts the door and accidentally locks them outside of the room, leaving Elizabeth in the room with the serial killer.

We find out later from Detective Lane that the serial killer ate Elizabeth. The murder of Elizabeth ruined Anna and Douglas’s marriage and was the cause of their divorce. Since it was raining on the day Elizabeth died, Anna began struggling with ombrophobia. She blamed herself for her daughter’s murder.

The Woman in the House had viewers on a thrill ride from the very beginning, and the ending was definitely shocking and unexpected! Fingers crossed, we get to see The Woman in the House season 2 because we can’t get enough of the murder mystery! The Woman in the House is now streaming only on Netflix.

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