What is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness about?

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If you’ve been missing Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness as much as we have, then you’re definitely going to love Jonathan’s upcoming Netflix original series called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness.

The show, slated to release later this week, is full of questions that you may have asked once or twice in your life, making it not only wickedly entertaining but also highly informational.

If this series sounds like one you would love to binge-watch when it drops, then you’ve come to the right place because we tell you everything to know about Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness below.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness synopsis

Based on Jonathan’s long-running investigative podcast of the same name, Getting Curious will cover an array of topics for its audiences.

From understanding the complex science behind a single axel to meeting several members from underrepresented communities to even learning a thing or two about fashion, after watching this series, you will be just as informed Jonathan is about the many wonders of this Earth.

Getting Curious’ official synopsis via Netflix, here:

"Jonathan Van Ness lets curiosity lead the way while roving from snacks to wigs in this podcast spinoff chock-full of experts and special guests."

Can’t wait to see what’s in store? Then feel free to check out the official trailer for this 2022 series in the video below!

If you’re loving what you see, then get ready for six brand new episodes of this Netflix series slated to arrive later this week, each under an hour in duration and appropriate for everyone, young ones and all, to watch.

As promised, you now know all about this upcoming release, so don’t forget to put this knowledge to good use and tune in to Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness streaming this Friday, Jan. 28, 2022 only on Netflix.

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