Lucifer wasn’t just the most-watched Netflix show of 2021, it was the best Netflix show of the year


Squid Game might have become the show the internet couldn’t stop talking about as 2021 came to a close, but the numbers have spoken and the title of the true king of streaming belongs to Lucifer

According to a recent report from Deadline, Lucifer took the crown as the biggest series of 2021 by racking a whopping 18.3 billion minutes of streaming across the year making the series the most-streamed show not just on Netflix, but among the entire crop of streaming originals. While this might sound surprising to some, it should come as no surprise to Lucifans who have long known the power the series has.

You see, Lucifer wasn’t just the most-streamed show of 2021. It was the best show of 2021.

As Netflix Life celebrates “The Besties” this week — an awards event where we highlight the best, the worst and the craziest moments from Netflix in the past year — it is my absolute honor and pleasure to bestow the honor or the Best Show of the Year to Lucifer.

Lucifer was the best Netflix show of 2021, hands down

When you look back at 2021, it’s hard not to call it the year of Lucifer

In a surprise move that few saw coming, Netflix gifted fans with not one, but two batches of new episodes when the streaming service decided to release the show’s sixth and final season in September 2021, just mere months after it debuted the second half of season 5 in May 2021.

The series wasn’t just the biggest release of one month in the year, but two with two incredible seasons that truly made it that much harder to bid the series farewell. While many shows decline in quality as the years go by, Lucifer only managed to get better with each season and boy did the writers outdo themselves in 2021 with season 5B and season 6.

Warning Lucifer season 5B and season 6 spoilers ahead… though if you haven’t yet watched either season, I have some serious questions and concerns.

Season 5B pushed the show into a brilliant new direction with the long-anticipated introduction of God. While it was, of course, so much fun getting to see Lucifer interact with his estranged father and equally rewarding to see the pair finally repair their tattered relationship, it was God’s decision to retire that truly proved to be a game-changer.

With God looking to finally retire after centuries on the throne, Lucifer decided to make a play for the throne which led to a heated faceoff with his brother Michael. This creates a domino effect that truly made the season one for the ages or as some might describe it, a gut-punch of emotions filled with clever writing. 

Feuling the season was incredible character growth and development not just for Lucifer and Chloe, but for the show’s entire ensemble. In particular, Maze stole the show on her quest to grow a soul — a quest that brought so many wonderful Maze moments, none more than getting the chance to see the character finally find love and happiness in her relationship with Eve.

We were gifted with countless more amazing one-liners, met a handful of incredible new characters, enjoyed several sweet and rewarding Deckerstar moments, rocked out during the show’s long-awaited musical episode and finally watched as the season ended with a genius twist that teed up the final season beautifully. In the words of Lucifer himself, “Oh my me,” season 5B was stunning.

Lucifer season 6 is the best farewell season Netflix has served up yet

Expectations heading into the show’s final season were understandably high. Not only had season 5B managed to end on a significant cliffhanger, but it’s not exactly the easiest of tasks to craft a final season for a series so universally loved by fans across the globe. Yet somehow, the Lucifer writers managed to craft an amazing finale season and what might be one of the greatest series finales of all time.

Across those ten final episodes, the creative team managed to beautifully tie up the storylines of all of the characters we had the pleasure of getting to know over the years. Maze and Eve got their storybook wedding and happy ending, Ella finally learned the truth about everything and got her own second chance at happiness along the way, Amenadiel ascended to his well-deserved seat on the throne while getting to still be there for Linda and his son, the former of which helped Lucifer finally realize his full potential, and Dan had the chance to finally make peace with the demons in his past allowing him to get into Heaven.

Then there was our beloved Devil and Detective.

Season 6 was a love letter to Deckerstar. Yes, I understand we may not have gotten to see the couple exchange I Do’s and realize the whole Lucifer not getting to spend life alongside Chloe during her time on Earth divided some fans.

However, I don’t care what anyone else says, I could not have asked for a more perfect final scene of the series.

It began with Lucifer’s brilliant monologue reflecting on his journey on Earth which he delivered to a group of lost souls in a room set up to look like Linda’s office as part of his efforts to be Hell’s Healer. That moment alone was phenomenal and was yet another unforgettable scene in the laundry list of fantastic moments elevated by the stunning and masterful performance of Tom Ellis.

Then came the knock on the door, followed by the moment that sent chills down my spine and filled my heart with emotions: Chloe’s arrival.

Cue one last “Hello, detective,” followed by the most perfect final line, “I thought you could use a partner,” and one finale Deckerstar kiss to close the series.

It was the perfect sendoff for a series that defied the odds and gifted us with one of the most passionate fandoms we’ve ever seen, one which beautifully tied up all the storylines in an organic and rewarding way.

Lucifer’s lasting legacy and message to fans

Although Lucifer may not have gotten the critical acclaim other Netflix series received, it deserves to be remembered for its incredible legacy.

Few shows manage to thrive after evading cancelation (twice, technically), but Lucifer isn’t like other shows. The series managed to come back stronger finding new life on Netflix which we’re so grateful for because it gave the show the chance to continue to tell amazing stories and for the show’s incredible cast to bless fans with breathtaking performances that made us laugh, cry and feel all the feels.

Most importantly, was the message the show taught us over the years. It was a show about second chances and redemption, an enduring reminder that there’s always the chance to turn things around for the better and find light in your life. It was also a story about self-acceptance and love, in celebrating the things that make you, you.

2021 was filled with amazing shows, I won’t deny this, but there is no show more deserving of the title of Netflix’s Best Show of 2021 than Lucifer. A show I’m going to miss dearly, but am so grateful to have had in my life as long as I did.

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