What is All of Us Are Dead about?

All of Us Are Dead. Courtesy of Netflix.
All of Us Are Dead. Courtesy of Netflix. /

Netflix continues its commitment to providing the best horror programming for subscribers with the upcoming Korean series, All of Us Are Dead.

Last year’s Fear Street trilogy made the streamer the talk of the Internet as viewers tuned in every Friday over the summer to see what would happen next in Shadyside. Now, it’s All of Us Are Dead‘s turn to pull focus as horror fans are dropped into a zombie thriller.

Set in a high school, this series follows a group of students who find themselves trapped as a virus takes over the city and turns their classmates into threats. It’s the kind of premise that promises a lot of blood and gore as the teens fight their way to safety and try to remain a part of the living as they hope to be rescued.

All of Us Are Dead premieres Jan. 28 and consists of 12 episodes. While it’s not likely that anything will top Squid Game, Korean dramas have been a major draw for Netflix. It stands to reason that this teen horror will bring more eyes to the streamer.

Here’s more on the series!

All of Us Are Dead synopsis

The official synopsis via Netflix:

"At a high school in a suburban city, a student with strange symptoms is discovered. A mysterious virus begins to spread, and it quickly spirals out of control, moving beyond the school to seep into every nook and cranny of the entire city.As more and more people become infected, the authorities declare a state of emergency. They place the city under a lockdown amid an unprecedented event: the spread of a deadly zombie virus throughout a school and beyond.A group of students — On-jo (Park Ji-hu), Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young), Nam-ra (ChoYi-hyun), Su-hyeok (Lomon) and others — find themselves in the appalling situation of watching their close friends turn into zombies. They struggle to remain alive at the school, a safe haven that has now turned into a bloody battleground. Without phones, without food, and without grown-ups to protect them, they wait for the rescue team to arrive.How can they survive and walk out alive? With dangers lurking at every corner, they must join forces with one another in a desperate fight for their lives."

All of Us Are Dead trailer

Watch the trailer for the horror series below:

Will you be tuning into All of Us Are Dead when the show premieres on Friday, Jan. 28? According to Variety, the series is based on the digital comic “Now at Our School” by Joo Dong-geun. The comic ran from 2009-2011 on Webtoon and has been translated into English under the title “All of Us Are Dead” if you’re interested in reading the source material.

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