The Woman in the House’s Benjamin Levy Aguilar age, height, Instagram, roles: Everything to know about the Rex actor

The Woman in the House cast is one good-looking bunch, and with the dashing Benjamin Levy Aguilar a part of the cast, people will definitely tune in to see what the dark comedy series is about!

Aguilar is fairly new to the entertainment industry, but we can tell he’s well on his way to stardom. He already has the looks, and we’re starting to see him in more and more projects. He’s making his rounds in Hollywood, and soon everyone will know his name.

So if you want to get to know him before all the fame, keep reading because we share all the juicy deets about him, such as his age, height, Instagram, and roles right below.

The Woman in the House - Benjamin Levy Aguilar

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. (L to R) Kristen Bell as Anna, Benjamin Levy Aguilar as Rex in episode 104 of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. Cr. Colleen E. Hayes/Netflix © 2021

Benjamin Levy Aguilar age

His age and birth date are not public knowledge, but we do know he was born in Guatemala, Central America. He moved to California at the age of 18 to pursue a new life.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar height

As reported by Healthy Celeb, Aguilar has light brown eyes, dark brown hair, and stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Instagram

You can find Aguilar on Instagram @benjaminlevyaguilar. He has 18k followers and 30 posts. He’s not really active on his account, but when he does post, you definitely want to know!

Most of his posts are shirtless photos, but he does have posts about projects he’s working on. His most recent posts are about The Woman in the House. It’s obvious that he likes to stay fit because he also has photos of himself working out. But what I like most about his posts is that he adds motivational quotes to his captions.

Take a look at these swoon-worthy photos of Aguilar from Instagram!

While he has a solid following right now, his fanbase will surely grow after people see him in the upcoming Netflix original series The Woman in the House. So if you enjoy the content he puts out, go ahead and give him a follow.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar roles

As we mentioned earlier, Aguilar is still building his filmography, so he hasn’t starred in many known projects. He’s had roles in short films like Canis Major and Spirit. But you’ll recognize him from his small role as Franco Chavaro in an episode of Chicago P.D. and his role as Antonio Rivera in Filthy Rich.

Now he will make his Netflix debut in The Woman in the House, starring alongside Kristen Bell and Tom Riley. The next project that we’ll see Riley in after The Woman in the House is Black Spot. It’s unclear whether it’s a film or a series. The project is still in development, but we should learn more news once the filmmaking process starts.

Get ready to meet Aguilar’s character, Rex, in The Woman in the House when it drops on Netflix on Jan. 28!