What happens to baby Zeke in Ozark season 4 part 1?

Ozark. Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell in episode 401 of Ozark. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2021
Ozark. Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell in episode 401 of Ozark. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2021 /

Poor baby Zeke. The child has had quite the rough go of things throughout Ozark, bouncing around homes before officially becoming part of the Snell family. As fans of the Netflix Original will remember, Zeke is the baby of Pastor Mason Young (Michael Mosley) and his wife Grace (Bethany Anne Lind), but after their unlucky fates, he’s looked after by the Byrdes before Wendy (Laura Linney) agrees to give him to Darlene (Lisa Emery).

By Ozark season 3, Darlene is a committed mother figure to Zeke, though her impulsive behavior and poor anger management is certainly a threat to the child. In the same season, Darlene begins a romance with Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan), who helps take care of Zeke. Though they’re an unconventional family, they’re able to keep the baby safe.

Spoilers ahead for Ozark season 4 part 1.

Now that Ozark season 4 part 1 is officially out on Netflix, however, fans might be wondering what happens to baby Zeke. Does he remain in Darlene’s care? And more importantly, is he safe by the end of the installment? Well, the good news is that Zeke is very much healthy in the finale of part 1, though we’re not sure who will take care of him next.

Ozark season 4 part 1 ending explained: What happens to Zeke?

As I mentioned, Darlene isn’t great at making decisions and often gets herself into trouble. She’s not well, to be honest, and though she is devoted to Zeke, she isn’t able to be the best mother in the end. She doesn’t put him first, and instead continues growing drugs on her farm despite threats from the Byrdes and the Navarro Cartel.

This gets Darlene killed in the end, and unfortunately, Wyatt is killed as well. It’s very unfortunate, considering the pair just got married so social services wouldn’t take Zeke away from them after Wendy called in a tip. At the end of the final episode of season 4 part 1, Omar Navarro’s (Felix Solis) impulsive nephew Javi Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera) shows up at Darlene’s after Omar is taken into custody, and he doesn’t waste time shooting both Darlene and Wyatt.

Ozark season 4
Ozark. Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell in episode 406 of Ozark. Cr. Steve Dietl/Netflix © 2021 /

The good news is, however, Javi doesn’t kill Zeke. When Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) shows up to Darlene’s, she hears Zeke crying loudly. Of course, when she goes inside, she finds Darlene and Wyatt dead, though this happens off screen. The next we see of Ruth, she’s driving off frantically and after a call with Frank Cosgrove Jr. (Joseph Sikora), she ends up at the Byrdes.

Ruth demands to know who killed Darlene and Wyatt, and Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) runs out to the car to console a crying Zeke. Ruth eventually drives off to presumably go find Javi with Zeke still in the front seat, putting him in a potentially very dangerous situation.

This is how Ozark season 4 part 1 ends, and so we can only theorize what’ll happen next for now. I’m really hoping nothing happens to Zeke, and I’m really hoping Ruth doesn’t get killed. Going into part 2, I’m rooting for Ruth and Zeke. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll get out of the Ozarks and start a new life. It’s what they deserve.

Ozark season 4 part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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