Too Hot to Handle Stevan Ditter age, Instagram, TikTok, height, job

Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Stevan Ditter - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Stevan Ditter - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

This week alone, Netflix released tons of exciting, new titles such as Ozark season 4 part 1, Amandla, and the brand new third season of the popular reality series, Too Hot to Handle.

Season 3 is probably up there as one of the best seasons thus far and that title certainly doesn’t come as a shocker as this season is full of several amazing new castmates such as Stevan Ditter, our handsome leopard swim trunks-wearing bad boy.

Before you tune in to this new season, we want to tell you everything to know about Stevan so that you, too, can be his biggest fan. His age, Instagram, and more, here.

Stevan Ditter age

Stevan Ditter is 26 years old and hails from California, USA.

Stevan Ditter Instagram

His Instagram shows us that he’s super versatile with his looks as this photo below shows he’s also attractive with all his luscious, curly hair cut off.

We clearly aren’t the only fans of this West Coast native as Stevan currently has over 80,000 followers on his Instagram, and that number seems to be steadily climbing by the second as more Too Hot to Handle audiences are catching a glimpse of this reality star.

Stevan Ditter TikTok

He may have just made his TikTok, but, in seeing his success on Instagram, we’re sure that he’ll eventually garner a huge following on this platform, too.

Feel free to give Stevan a follow and show him some love on both sites!

 Stevan Ditter height

CelebsWeek tells us that Stevan currently stands at about 6-feet-1-inch.

Steven Ditter job

Like his fellow co-stars Nathan Mngomezulu and Beaux Raymond, Stevan also works as a model.

Could his modeling career be something that brings himself and Beaux together? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Catch Stevan Ditter in Too Hot to Handle season 3 streaming right now only on Netflix!

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