Who wins Too Hot To Handle season 3?

DYR_9237.CR3 Too Hot to Handle season 3 cast Image courtesy Netflix
DYR_9237.CR3 Too Hot to Handle season 3 cast Image courtesy Netflix /

Have you watched Too Hot to Handle season 3 yet? This season the stakes are higher with an even higher prize fund. But this doesn’t stop contestants from going against the rules and doing whatever they please. This, of course, made the prize fund decrease considerably.

However, some contestants showed personal growth and emotional maturity throughout the television series, and because of their improvement, they became finalists. The season 3 cast includes Nathan, Georgia, Stevan, Izzy, Jaz, Patrick, Holly, Beaux, Truth, and Harry.

When Lana announced the finalists, I personally didn’t think some of the contestants were worthy of being finalists. In my opinion, other contestants deserved to be in the top 3. But, maybe there were deleted scenes that we didn’t get to see of the finalists showing self-improvement.

In the end, the winner of Too Hot to Handle season 3 was announced, and it was well-deserved. We share the winner of the third season right below.

WARNING: Spoilers from Too Hot to Handle season 3 ahead!

How many people won Too Hot to Handle season 3?

For the first time ever in Too Hot to Handle history, a couple won the dating game show. Towards the end of the last episode of the season, Lana announces the finalists. Georgia, Harry and Beaux, and Nathan were announced as the finalists. After the finalists were announced, a voting process was done by the other retreat guests.

Once the votes were in, the winners were announced, and they went home with a $90,000 prize fund split between the two.

So who were the winners of the hefty grand prize?

Too Hot to Handle season 3 winners

The newly formed couple, Harry and Beaux, were the winners of season 3! The runner-up was Nathan, and Georgia came in last. Who would’ve thought Harry and Beaux would find love after not being each other’s number one pick? Although their relationship was surprising, they deserved to win.

Harry and Beaux shared a genuine connection and showed growth in trying to be better people. Their relationship helped them grow equally as individuals and get through their commitment issues. They fought their physical urges and made an emotional connection.

The other retreat guests seemed genuinely happy to see Harry and Beaux win, and they all celebrated with bottles of champagne.

What did you think of Harry and Beaux winning Too Hot to Handle season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Too Hot to Handle season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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