Too Hot To Handle Nathan Mngomezulu age, Instagram, TikTok, height job

Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Nathan Mngomezulu - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Nathan Mngomezulu - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Too Hot to Handle season 3 is here and, boy, are these new contestants really too hot to handle!

One of these contestants goes by the name Nathan Mngomezulu, and if you couldn’t tell by his introduction reel, this handsome fellow is certainly bound to spice things up on the island.

Want to know more about Nathan ahead of seeing him in season 3? You’ve come to the right place as we tell you his age, Instagram, and much more, here.

Nathan Mngomezulu age

Cape Town, South Africa native Nathan Mngomezulu is currently 24 years old.

Nathan Mngomezulu Instagram

Like many of his fellow season 3 co-stars, Nathan isn’t afraid of the camera and loves making the ladies swoon with just one look. See this alluring photo from the reality star’s Instagram, here.

His Instagram page currently has over 20,000 followers and that number is only growing larger with time.

Nathan Mngomezulu TikTok

His TikTok may be newly made, but he already fits right on in as his 400 followers (and counting) can’t get enough of his pretty face.

Be sure to give him a follow on all his social media platforms to get a chance to see more captivating videos of Nathan, or, possibly see more behind-the-scenes videos of his time on Too Hot to Handle season 3.

Nathan Mngomezulu height

According to CelebsWeek, Nathan has dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, and stands about 6-feet-4-inches.

Nathan Mngomezulu job

As stated in the new season, Nathan has been working as a model ever since he was 19 years old. So far, the top-notch individual has modeled for companies such as Nike, Reebok, and Asos, and you can bet that those list of big-name brands are only going to grow longer now that he’s the new face of season 3.

While you wait to see Nathan Mngomezulu eventual rise to fame, catch his spicy yet humble beginnings in Too Hot to Handle season 3 streaming right now only on Netflix.

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