Too Hot to Handle Truth age, Instagram, TikTok, height, job

Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Truth - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Truth - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

If Too Hot to Handle isn’t your go-to reality series, then you are absolutely missing out!

Not does this show have spicy competitions that are sure to make your room’s temperature a tad hotter, but it, most importantly, has a cast of jaw-droppingly gorgeous contestants who you are definitely going to want to follow on Instagram as soon as possible.

One of these contestants goes by the name Truth and, by the looks of it, he’s sure to be your season 3 favorite. Just who is this Too Hot to Handle newbie?

Truth age

Hailing from Texas, USA, Truth is currently 23-years-old. His birthday is not currently known.

Truth Instagram

His Instagram is full of nothing but his good angles, gorgeous smile, and, of course, his perfectly chiseled abs. Check out this magazine-worthy photo of him, below.

 He currently has over 15,000 followers on Instagram as we as another 1,300 followers on his Twitter.

Truth TikTok

Like his Instagram, his TikTok reminds us that he is super handsome, and it’s safe to assume his 139,000 followers certainly agree.

Make sure to follow this reality star on all his social media platforms before he blows up and has millions of fans who adore him as much as you do!

Truth height

His TikTok bio tells us his height is 6-feet-4-inches.

Truth job

E Online reports that he is currently a student studying criminology in Texas. But when he’s not learning about criminal behavior from his professor, he’s on his worst behavior in the dating scene. That’s right, our season 3 star is a self-proclaimed player and wants to be flirtatious with as many women as he can.

Will his wandering eye cause him to get eliminated first? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Don’t forget to catch Truth in Too Hot to Handle season 3 streaming tomorrow, Jan. 19 only on Netflix.

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